How To Implement Your HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Book In The Field

hvac flat rate pricing bookInvesting in a flat rate pricing system is the first step in presenting your customers with a fair price. We recommend Flat Rate Plus, our flat rate pricing software solution. It has been helping contractors in the service industry since 1996 and is the best selling system on the market. Once flat rate pricing is implemented, it is important to decide how you wish for your techs to present themselves and the flat rate price to your customers. Have this procedure in your mind prior to training with flat rate pricing. Here is what we recommend.

  1. When your techs arrive at the customer’s home or business they will carry their flat rate books with them along with any other necessary tools and equipment. Once they have determined the problem, they will write down their findings on your company’s invoice.
  2. Service techs will open their flat rate book and write down the task number, task description, price, and explanation of the work. They need to be sure they write the Travel Fee or Diagnostic Fee on all invoices. They do not write down time, in or out, on the customer’s copy. It is important that techs write down the actual part numbers of anything they used on the job. Have your technicians write down the part number on the office copy invoice (for inventory control).
  3. The tech lays the invoice on top of their flat rate books and goes over it with the customer. Techs do not need to have the customer read from the invoice or show their flat rate books to the customer. We find that customers are not interested in the contents of the books. They just like knowing you used a professional looking book to come up with the price – as opposed to making it up.
  4. Once the options are explained, have the customer initial the invoice near the repair that they have approved. You may also cross out any repairs they did not wish to go with. This particular procedure will vary depending on how your sales invoices are laid out so improvise as needed.

This is just a quick outline for how to present your HVAC flat rate pricing book in the field. For more information on Flat Rate Pricing, check out our video below.