Give Your HVAC Company An Accurate Online Presence

We recently sent out thousands of promotional postcards and I am receiving a few back with incorrect addresses. As I go online to investigate whether the business still exists, has moved, or if I have addressed the postcard incorrectly, one thing has remained clear – many businesses are not aware of their presence online.

It is important to know where you are listed on the internet, the best places your company should show up, and to keep these listings up-to-date at all times. This way customers can not only find your location, but also begin to trust your business before even purchasing your services.

Where are you listed?

Try googling your business. Check the first two pages of Google for your listing and read the title and description of the search results. Does relevant content appear? Do any of the listings have incorrect information? If so, update it. Be sure all your contact information is up to date and the description of your business is consistent. If only a few listings appear for your business, it may be time to make profiles and listings on more platforms on the internet.

Where should you be listed?

googlellistingFirstly, Google practically owns the internet so be sure you have a Google Business Listing. This is done through Google Plus and once your business is verified, your listing will also show up on Google Maps. This is essential for SEO and is the information that will show up in the upper right hand corner when a user googles your company.

Social media platforms are also important. Yes, even if you are a contracting business. When customers see that you have a Facebook for your company it makes your company more transparent and gives potential customers a more personal experience with your brand. Posting relevant content, receiving reviews, and sharing behind the scenes photos will help your potential customers begin to trust your company and purchase your services before even calling you.

Yelp is also an important place to be listed. Yelp is a highly trusted website that is primarily used to leave reviews for businesses. It also has a high ranking on Google so being listed can help SEO as well (if your reviews are primarily good). Many people and potential customers use Yelp to determine who they should purchase services from in their area. They feel they can trust experiences others have had with your business.

Why does it matter?

In this day and age, almost everyone is using the internet. When it comes to HVAC services especially, customers need to trust your business. If they google HVAC services in their area – do you show up? How are you being viewed and is the content accurate and a good representation of your brand? This is so important because many times you have to first capture your audience via the internet, before being able to even speak to them. Make sure you can not only be seen, but that your content is accurate and visible to reach your potential customers to the best of your ability.


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