Cheat Sheet: Improving Customer Service In The Service Industry

Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful service business. Since the industry is a customer-based environment it is not only important to gain new business but more importantly, keep those customers coming back. Repeat business and referrals from customers is very valuable in the service industry. So, once you have a customer, how do you insure they have a positive experience with your service company and ultimately refer you to their friends and use your services again in the future? Check out the list below to see how your business measures up.

Keep Good Customer Service Consistent

When a customer calls your business they may speak to a customer service rep and or sales person over the phone before services are even performed. It is important that the customer not only has a positive experience from the beginning, but that it continues throughout their whole journey with your company. Starting off on the right foot definitely helps the technician and if the field tech finishes the job and leaves a good impression, customers will in turn recommend you to a friend, use your services again and maybe even write a glowing review online (very valuable).

Connect The Office With The Field

A field service management solution is key for customer satisfaction. If an office is unorganized there is no hiding it from the customer. If team members in the office aren’t able to communicate effectively with technicians in the field it can result in techs showing up late, technicians being double booked, not having the right equipment and more. Not only is this a pain for the company, but ultimately effects the customer directly. Look for a solution that manages everything in one program; accounting, dispatching, scheduling, mobile invoicing, inventory, sales, etc.

Give Technicians Access In The Field

Proper mobile tools for your technicians are super important and often times come with service management software. Giving technicians access in the field not only eliminates double entry for the team in the office, but provides a better experience for customers. If customers can view invoices and good/better/best options, sign service agreements and pay for their services on the spot with a technician, now that is great customer service! Anything that makes it easier on the customer and your company is a win, win.

Flat Rate Pricing Is A Must

Gone are the days where technicians feel pressure to hurry and cut corners on pricing. Your clients shouldn’t have to feel like they need to watch the technician’s every move either. If your company implements flat rate pricing it sets services based on a completely fair price that accounts for the cost of a properly paid service technician, the cost of your overhead, and produces a reasonable profit. This pricing model is very popular so if you are not already implementing flat rate pricing, now is the time. Stop losing customers to your competitors who already have this pricing model.

Be Available On Social Media

Your company’s social profiles are often pages customers check before even giving your business a call. These pages also service as ‘the face’ of your business beyond your website, store, or service vehicles. Designate one or two team members to keep an eye on comments, reviews and questions posted to your wall. Customers are constantly on social sites, making them an easy target for customer support. Adding this touch point and another way to engage with you adds yet another convenience for your customers.

It’s a no-brainer in the service industry that customer service is key. It is not only important to provide quality service to your customers but also to give your employees the proper tools they need in order to do so.