Top Field Service Management Trends

It seems like each year; technology continues to transpire even in the smallest details of our daily lives. From the great mobilization shift to the rise of wearable technologies and interconnected devices, it is very certain that technology has greatly changed not only our personal lives but the landscape of different industries as well. But to field service management industry, these technologies are not only meant to help them conduct their day-to-day task but also as a competitive edge in this overly competitive digital jungle.

Enterprise mobility, for instance, has been widely adopted by many organizations last year. To give you some perspective: In 2015, there has been as estimated 1.3 billion mobile workers throughout the world, taking advantage of mobile forms to do their jobs whenever and wherever they are. With this scenario, a lot of IT team leaders have already deployed enterprise app stores for their employees. Moreover, these mobile apps continue to integrate back office functions, while providing the workers with real-time access to valuable information, thus making them more productive and efficient while they’re on the field.

These, along with other field service management trends are presented in this visual guide by The Service Manager. Check this out and let this be your guide on how you can take advantage of technology to become the best field service company this 2016.

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