5 Benefits of Email Marketing

Is your contracting company utilizing email marketing? Ever thought about implementing it into your advertising and marketing efforts? Email is an easy way to contact your customers and can be a valuable avenue for connection with more customers, more often. Take a look at the list of benefits below to see how email marketing can benefit your lead generation efforts.

Remind Customers You Exist

Email marketing helps you stay in front of your customer. If you have provided services to them, chances are you have their contact information which includes their email address. Why not utilize it if you have it? Contact current customers to keep them coming back and to generate referrals. If your customer doesn’t need your services at the moment, they still need to be reminded of what your business offers for the future. Additionally, chances are they know someone who does need your services and can easily forward the email or pass along the information to refer new customers to you.

Increase Website Traffic

Easily include links to your website within your email campaign. Email can be a great avenue for getting customers to your website to learn more about the products and services you offer. Once they are on your website they can look around and choose to contact you from there. The most important thing to remember is that now they know where to find you and how to get a hold of you.

Get Customers To Call

The main purpose of marketing is to generate leads and ultimately get the phone ringing. That is how your business makes money. Email marketing helps bring your company to the top of their mind. They might have a broken furnace or faulty water heater they have been putting off having repaired for a few months. Keeping your business in front of their email inbox helps customers finally pull the plug and give you a call to get a serviceman out to their home or business.

Build Credibility & Brand Presence

We all receive hundreds of emails a day advertising different businesses and services. Another important aspect of email marketing is to build loyalty with your customers. Send a couple emails here and there about your recent community involvement or local business and restaurants you like. It not only shows community involvement and builds brand presence, but it also shows you care about your customers – more than just constantly telling them about your services and products.

Keep Customers Up To Date

Have a product on special or news to report? Use email! Company updates, monthly specials, discounts and other special offers are perfect to communicate via email. Customers are more likely to take action if they are presented with a deal or special in their inbox – why wait to have the A/C repaired when the discount is only for a limited time. Emails that create urgency get better results.

If email marketing is not already in your business plan for the remainder of the year, think again. Email marketing is a very important strategy and simple to implement because chances are – you already have hundreds of email addresses from customers. Talk to your internet marketing company or representative and make a plan and measure your email marketing results!

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