One Software Program All Your Employees Can Effectively Utilize

A service business is made up of many employees that have different roles. With different roles, comes different wants and needs in performing daily business tasks. Although employees differ, it is important that everyone is working towards a common goal and being efficient as possible, together. Therefore, it is even more important that your service business utilizes an all-in-one service management software program, such as Total Office Manager, in which everyone in the business can utilize in order to do their job.

Dispatchers: Drag & Drop Schedule Board

Dispatchers are key in the customer’s experience. They are the first person a customer comes in contact with, typically over the phone. If a customer receives fast service from the dispatcher or customer service representative, they’ll assume your company’s technicians are just as efficient. In order for dispatchers to effectively help customers they need an easy to use schedule board. Drag and drop schedule board capabilities make it easy to see which technicians are available and when – as well as easily reschedule jobs when need. Bonus? A map that uses technicians GPS so dispatchers can estimate correct arrival time to customers.

Technicians: Mobile Capabilities

In this day and age, a business should not invest in service management software if it does not have mobile capabilities. Gone are the days where technicians are calling back and forth to the office to receive information, collect payments, process work orders, etc. If technicians are given all of this information on a tablet in the field, the entire service operations can be more efficient – and efficiency = more profits.

Service Managers: Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction is key in the service industry, but to reduce angry customers, a great CRM system needs to be in place. With easy to access data on every customer, service managers can more easily figure out exactly where to improve customer service. Additionally, when customer conflicts do arise, the CRM makes it really easy to look up technician notes and important information to handle the situation properly.

Not only does an all-in-one service management software program increase efficiency and generate more profits, but it allows everyone in your company to be on the same page. Each job title has a different task but everyone’s strategy should be the same. Utilizing one program to help all areas of your business be more efficient, will reduce a ton of headaches and better manage your entire service company. For more information on all of the capabilities Total Office Manager has to offer, send us an email or call 913-492-9930 to speak to a product specialist.