5 Things Technicians Love About Being Mobile

There’s no question that we are a mobile society. We are constantly plugged in to get the latest news updates, and scores from the big game. Not to mention we have the options to receive bank statements, receipts, even energy bills digitally. The service industry is no exception. More and more service companies are going mobile and here are 5 things they love about it.

  1. The customer gets an electronic invoice immediately after purchase.

    Electronic invoices benefit both the customer and service provider. Technicians can easily access documentation of repairs, equipment, and cost. Furthermore, filing and searching invoices is quick and easy.

  2. Document links are available on mobile devices.

    Secondly, document links enable technicians to store and access any digital document connected to a customer. This includes purchase orders, work orders, equipment, vendor information, and more. Imagine being out in the field and realizing the document you need is on your computer back at the office. First, you have to get someone in the office on the phone. Of course, this leads to a lengthy phone conversation as the person on the other end shares the details contained in the document. With document links, technicians can simply access what they need from their mobile device, saving everyone involved time.

  3. Price consistency across every device throughout the company.

    Nothing is more frustrating for a service technician than to present an invoice to a customer who was quoted a different price. Having old pricing sheets floating around can cause confusion and inconsistency throughout your company. Once your technicians are mobile, pricing becomes digital. From there, everyone has the most up to date version at their fingertips.

  4. Ability to research service records for their customer’s equipment.

    This benefit is key not only to your field technicians, but also to your office staff. Eliminate constant calls or trips to the office with access to service records and equipment information in the field. This allows for greater speed, better customer satisfaction, more jobs, and more revenue.

  5. No more physical paperwork.

    Lastly, technicians often misplace service records and other paperwork in service trucks. It’s so easy for a paper copy to get lost between the seats, on the floor, or under tools. Eliminating physical paperwork reduces headaches for technicians and customers alike.

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