3 Things Our Customers Love About Aptora Mobile II

Aptora Mobile IIIn a previous blog post  we identified 5 things technicians love about being mobile. To some, this entry seemed like bit of a wish list. Of course who wouldn’t want to eliminate paperwork from their job responsibilities, especially in the field? For Aptora’s Mobile II customers this wish list is a reality. Here are 3 things our customers love about Mobile II.

  1. No additional hardware is needed to process credit card payments from Mobile II

    Simply enter the customer’s credit card information and process the payment. As a result, the customer will receive a receipt via email. “We cut down on our paper usage, postage usage and we get paid more at the time of service with a credit card,” said Aptora customer Mike Bloomfield. Bloomfield continued, “I can’t tell you how many people compliment us on how high tech we are.”

  2. Mobile II isn’t just for your technicians

    Another major benefit is that Mobile will empower you to manage your business remotely. Run financial metrics, evaluate daily sales figures, and even manage your CRM and sales processes anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, office staff can access scheduling, inventory, and more.  Most of all, this keeps everyone on the same page and your business running smoothly.

  3. It’s all in the app!

    As an extension of Total Office Manager (TOM), everything can be done in one software. Imagine combining accounting, job costing, CRM, scheduling, GPS tracking, marketing, and more into one software. Then add in Aprora Mobile II. When someone in the office takes a call, they can dispatch a technician through TOM, and all the details are available to the tech through the app. In other words, Office personnel and field technicians alike can mange work orders, invoice, billing, and even warranty information in the same system via Mobile II or back at the office in TOM.

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