James R. Leichter

Dear Fellow Contractor,

James R. Leichter, President Aptora CorporationMany people know me as Mr. HVAC. In fact, it’s my registered trademark. Please check out my website and blog here. In my day job, I’m the President of Aptora Corporation.

I started out as a humble “helper” in the early eighties with an HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical company. In fact, I got this job under a welfare program called the Job Partnership Training Act. I was paid $5.00 per hour. I have been serving this great industry ever since.

I have had some wonderful success as the owner of a business like yours. I can tell you that training and education is the key to the success of you and your coworkers. My seminars and consulting services are designed specifically for the owner/manager.

Running a business can be a lonely job. You can’t speak frankly to your coworkers or even your family about your fears and concerns. That’s what I’m here for. I know what it takes to be a successful contractor. I care about you. I have helped many people like you. I invite you to contact me personally should you need help.

James R. Leichter
President: Aptora Corporation

About James R. Leichter

James has been involved with the contracting industry since 1985. James has a solid background in HVAC service and installation as well as commercial refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing. He is a licensed master mechanic. He is the founder and past President of EnviroTech Heating & Cooling, Inc., one of the more successful residential/light commercial service and replacement companies in the area. James has been featured in several major newspaper articles as well as local television and radio. He has served as a consultant to major insurance companies who asked him to investigate alleged fraud and abuse related to the HVAC industry. He has also served as an expert witness.

JJRL_Sitting_With_Flagames is the President of Aptora Corporation, which manages the growing portfolio of accounting software, field service management software, flat rate pricing software systems, and other related products and services.

James is the President of Mr. HVAC LLC, a management-consulting firm that focuses on HVAC operations management and sales systems, seminars, business coaching and personal training.

James is the editor of the MrHVAC.com’ website. This huge site contains a collection of free financial calculators, consulting materials, tips, and advice. This web site has been written about in various industry magazines such as Contracting Business and is one of the most popular sites of its kind on the web.

James is the owner and President of RA Tax and Accounting Inc. This company offers complete accounting and tax services including income tax preparation, bookkeeping, QuickBooks training, corporation setup and compliance, IRS audit representation, business valuations, and more. RA Tax and Accounting specializes in helping the service and construction industries.

jrlnewJames is the managing partner at Pro-American Investments, LLC. A small commercial real-estate investment company.

James has served as the treasurer for the Seven Hills Home Owner’s Association.

James works hard to improve the contracting industry through his efforts as a nationally recognized public speaker, computer software developer, teacher, writer, and business consultant. He has performed on-site consulting with approximately 150 or more HVAC and related contractors all over the United States of America. James has taught seminars all over the USA. He has been a featured speaker at many national events including ComforTech and ISH. James has addressed groups including Associated Builder’ and Contractors, PHCC, QSC, and ACCA.

James works specifically in business development, organization design, employee performance criteria, leadership, marketing, and service/replacement strategies. He is an author of several publications and textbooks. He has written for The News®, Contracting Business®, Contractor®, and Construction Business Owner® magazine and others.

His unique combination of practical field experience and “book smarts” make him an ideal person to communicate with today’s contracting business owner. As many of his clients will say “he has been there and knows what he is talking about”.

On a personal note, James is married with children, cats, and lots of house plants. He has studied various forms of martial arts and holds a black belt in karate. He is a three time state sparing champion and placed second in a national open style karate tournament.


Personal Testimonials

  • “I have 30 years in the plumbing field and in business overall, along with teaching technical classes for over 10 years. My wife and I attended one of your seminars, and my wife told me that if she closed her eyes during the seminar, she thought I was up there talking. The sad thing is that many contractors can’t or won’t grasp on to your message or priorities. I was very impressed with your presentation and wanted to let you know that you are on the right track.”

    Charles RedeckerAMR Plumbing, Inc.
  • “Jamie Leichter changed my husbands way of thinking. Yes for two years I said the same things, but it takes a meeting away from the office and field, and a man. A good man like Jamie with wit and knowledge to present the industry the way it truly is. Thanks for him and your site for a better way of life.”

    Louise MackAladdin Heating and Cooling
  • “I attended one of Jamie’s sessions today in Chicago. I was very impressed with his presentation. He is by far the best speaker I have heard in a long time and maybe ever. I have been in the business for thirty years and thought I had heard it all. I agree with and practice a lot of what he said today. I thought I was the only one with some of these ideas.”

  • “Jamie, I had to write to you personally to thank you for spending time with our dealers. As always, you were excellent. I have yet to meet a speaker/consultant who can inspire people to achieve more in the way you do. I must say I have the utmost respect for your talent and for you personally. You are absolutely an inspiration to me!”


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