Environment & Philanthropy

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  • Aptora recently remodeled our entire building and kept the environment in mind. We decided to go with more efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs are designed to generate less energy, last 7 to 10 years, and are 93% more efficient when compared to regular light bulbs. With these bulbs, fewer raw materials are used, less bulbs need to be produced and replaced, along with saving energy.

    See the list below for a few other ways we help out our environment.

  • The tabs from all pop cans are removed and saved to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. For every 1 gallon of pop tabs donated, the Ronald McDonald House pays for a life-saving surgery.
  • We are patriotic* and proudly fly an American Flag in front of our building. When the flag is torn and needs to be replaced, we donate it to the Stars for our Troops program. They re-purpose the flag’s stars and send them to American soldiers or veterans to let them know they are NOT forgotten.
  • Every department has a recycle bin for paper, plastic, soda cans, and any other commonly recycled item. Whenever possible, our office supplies are ordered through Zuma. Their mission is to donate a minimum of 50% of our annual profits to great charities that support a range of important causes.
  • We reuse boxes and packaging materials that we receive for our outgoing shipping when plausible.
  • We print on both sides of the paper and have a bin to put already printed on paper back into the machine to insure both sides are used. At that point we donate the paper to Rhein Benninghoven, a local grade school. The school then recycles the paper and any money made from it is given to the PTA.
  • All empty ink cartridges are donated to Shawnee Mission West high school. They send them to a company that collects phones and ink cartridges. The school gets paid for each cartridge or phone they contribute. We also donate all old office supplies such as computers and chairs to local charities.
  • aptoraWe are always looking for new ways to be efficient and recycle.
  • All of our recyclables are dropped off at the local grade school where they earn a modest amount of money from these materials.

*Little Known Fact: Our company President, James Leichter’s daughter was born in 1993 with the middle name of “America”.

Aptora Supports National and Local Charities

We believe in karma; what goes around, comes around. We also enjoy helping other people and knowing that we are trying to make a difference; even if it’s a small one.

Several of our employees and their families regularly volunteer at Toms Mission, an organization dedicated to helping feed and provide necessities to the homeless.

Our VP of Business Operations (an RN) is an active volunteer in the First Aid Station for the Greater Kansas City American Red Cross.

At Aptora we believe in making regular donations to the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Relay for Life, Semper Fi Foundation, Diabetes Foundation, research for Muscular Dystrophy, Susan G Komen for the Cure, and the fight against MS.

Each Christmas season Aptora Corporation participates in the Adopt-A-Family Program.  We provide gifts, blankets, clothes and groceries for at least one family in need.  In addition to this, we also contribute the Toms Mission’s annual Christmas drive with food and gifts.

We are regular contributors of food, clothing and monetary gifts to Toms Mission, a local nonprofit organization that helps feed, clothe and provide basic necessities to the homeless in the Kansas City area.

Through Aptora’s Wellness program our employees can earn three separate bonuses a year for volunteering at local and national nonprofit organizations.

When we did our landscaping, we decided against standard ornamental trees. Instead, we planted apple trees so that we can donate the fruit to charity – although we may bake a few apple pies.

In addition to Wellness Bonuses, Aptora encourages its’ employees to give back to their community by allowing them to take one day off a year, with pay, to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice.

Not only does Aptora believe in helping out people, we believe in helping out animals and wildlife too.  Aptora makes regular monetary contributions to Operation Wildlife in Shawnee, KS.  This organization provides rehabilitation services for injured and orphaned wild animals and provides wildlife education for the citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

At the start of each school year Aptora does a school supply drive and donates the supplies donated by Aptora employees to Toms Missions’ school supply program for underprivileged children.