Aptora U Testimonials


“Amazing! This software is nothing but Amazing. I own an electrical contracting company and we have outgrown all of our other software companies within 1 year of making the purchases.  Aptora is the 4th software we have purchased and our last software we will ever purchase. We switched to Aptora in spring of 2017 and realized this software would take us to the next Level. Aptora is a well-built software. It is something you grow into and it helps takes you to the next level. ”
-Steven Scheeler, Rytec Electric

“Excellent opportunity to cram a huge amount of knowledge into your head. Still working through my notes many weeks later. If you are on the fence on going to Aptora U… Go!”
-Tommy Thompson, Crawford Services

“The most valuable part of the training was inventory. One of the biggest problems for us is trying to maintain a perpetual inventory and after today’s training, we’re ready to go back and implement a perpetual inventory system. Before training, we were doing a periodic inventory versus perpetual with no fully implemented process. This is a huge milestone for us.”
-Chris Avirett, Elite Comfort

“Biggest reason to come: TRAINING! You can do the basic stuff but some of the stuff that’s underneath for preferences, or how to do it a different way, or how it all really syncs with each other, it’s all in training.”
-Shawna Cooley, Fenix Heating & Cooling

“When we get back we’ll be able to implement a couple of pieces that we learned over the last three days that we weren’t using at all.”
-Chris Tomeno, Taylor Heating & AC

“You have to have to have processes in place, and coming to the class and learning what that process is and knowing how it was designed is going to be extremely beneficial.”
-Kim Simmons, Gene’s Refrigeration and Heat

“To me, the best was finding out what they were thinking as they created the software and why there are all these other little gateways that were put in because of other companies wanting to do certain things. But to have the understanding of what the original intent was and how to make those gateways work with that original intent has been very helpful.”
-Aurel Cournoyer – Taylor Heating & AC

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