HR (Human Resources)

  • Why Employers Should Offer A Wellness Program

    Wellness Programs are steadily increasing in business settings.  Even large insurance companies such as Humana are offering their own wellness programs. You are probably asking yourself, why you, as a business owner, should offer a wellness plan to your employees.  Below, you will find several important reasons you should invest in a company wellness program […]

  • 12 Ways Your Company Can Help The Environment

    Go Green in Your Business:  Simple Cost Effective Changes to Decrease Your Companies Carbon Footprint: One-sided non-confidential documents: Instead of throwing away documents that are printed on one side; flip them over and print on the reverse side. Our company has re-use boxes for paper beside every printer. If you accidentally print more than one […]

  • What Employers Need to Know About the Flu

    The Flu and You:  An Employer’s Guide By Susan Leichter RN The average number of days an employee misses from work due to illness each year is 3.9.  According to multiple studies; influenza is one of the single leading causes of employee absences and it accounts for an estimated 10 to 12 percent of overall […]