• 5 Benefits of Email Marketing

    Is your contracting company utilizing email marketing? Ever thought about implementing it into your advertising and marketing efforts? Email is an easy way to contact your customers and can be a valuable avenue for connection with more customers, more often. Take a look at the list of benefits below to see how email marketing can benefit […]

  • 5 Marketing Collateral Tips For Your Contracting Business

    Your brand presence is the first impression potential clients have on your business. It helps drive business and effective marketing collateral is crucial. Business cards, brochures, even envelopes – should familiarize your customers with who you are and the services you offer. Start With A Style Guide A guide is important to begin with so […]

  • Give Your HVAC Company An Accurate Online Presence

    We recently sent out thousands of promotional postcards and I am receiving a few back with incorrect addresses. As I go online to investigate whether the business still exists, has moved, or if I have addressed the postcard incorrectly, one thing has remained clear – many businesses are not aware of their presence online. It is […]

  • How To: Mail Merge With Total Office Manager & Word

      Total Office Manager and Microsoft Word make it easy to create a marketing email to send to a group of customers. Use Total Office Manager’s Marketing List Generator to create a mailing list and Microsoft Word to create a marketing letter. Next, you’ll merge the two together, here’s how: IMPORTANT NOTE: We are providing […]

  • 5 Tips to Gain More Leads from Your Website

    Having a website for your business is crucial and while many service companies have them, some are just stale pages on the internet. You put in time and money to create the website, so why not make it work for you? You only have a few seconds to get your customer’s attention, reel them in, […]