• Reduce Fraudulent Transactions: 3 Helpful Hints for Small Business Owners

    There’s no question that fraud is a concern that at some point will cross the minds of most Americans. According to the report from ACI Worldwide, the amount of online credit card fraud between Thanksgiving and New Year’s grew by 22 percent. Small businesses are not exempt from these concerns. Check out this entry from […]

  • Top Field Service Management Trends

    It seems like each year; technology continues to transpire even in the smallest details of our daily lives. From the great mobilization shift to the rise of wearable technologies and interconnected devices, it is very certain that technology has greatly changed not only our personal lives but the landscape of different industries as well. But […]

  • Promote A Healthy Work Environment in 2016

    Start the new year off right by improving the health, happiness, and productivity of your employees with Aptora’s Corporate Wellness Program! This customizable program is designed by our very own wellness expert, Susan Leichter, RN. The system is based on monetary rewards for wellness activities to motivate employees to get moving. Think of it as performance based compensation for health! Aptora’s […]

  • 12 Ways Your Company Can Help The Environment

    Go Green in Your Business:  Simple Cost Effective Changes to Decrease Your Companies Carbon Footprint: One-sided non-confidential documents: Instead of throwing away documents that are printed on one side; flip them over and print on the reverse side. Our company has re-use boxes for paper beside every printer. If you accidentally print more than one […]

  • Branding Power

    The Power of Branding Have you ever walked into a grocery store to pick up some supplies for a party, and find yourself lingering in front of the chip section pondering your choice? Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I’m going to get the off-brand potato chips instead of the Lays Potato Chips”? For most of […]


    Many of you may be curious about a new word you keep hearing, or maybe you have seen a sign while out for lunch or when browsing the web, “Bitcoin accepted here.”  If you were like me, you were intrigued not only by the name, but also how it would eventually impact you. What is […]

  • 2013 Tax Tips

    It’s not too early to start thinking about Year End…Are you ready? Yes, it’s fall and that means it’s time to start thinking about and preparing for year-end. Here are some helpful hints for the upcoming tax form season that can help you get off to a good start: 1. Order enough forms – Don’t forget to […]

  • Interdepartmental Billing and Why You Should Care

    Interdepartmental Invoicing is a way to credit your service department for fixing mistakes made by the installation department (or to “invoice” any department from another, for that matter).

    A common cause of very serious resentment in a company is when HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and refrigeration service technicians spend time fixing up work performed by the installation department.

    This might include warranty work or call-backs resulting from improper or incomplete equipment installation work like a furnace, air conditioning unit, water heater, etc. Often the boss criticizes the service department for not being profitable and the plumbers, electricians, and other service techs respond by thinking “if we weren’t so busy fixing up all of these junkie installations, we’d be more profitable”.

  • How to Protect Your Service Construction Business from Embezzlement

    Headline: Bookkeeper Steals 9 Million Dollars from Contractor A trusted bookkeeper was arrested after allegedly stealing at least 9 million dollars from her employer over a seven year period. Most of the money will never be recovered. How to Prevent Theft and Embezzlement I would like to offer the air conditioning, heating (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, service, […]

  • The Best Bet for Eco Friendly Air Conditioners

    By Mary Mattoon, Guest Writer Air conditioners can actually be eco friendly. This is true when they consume energy that is around ten to fifty percent less compared to the other kinds of air conditioners. You will know if it is an eco friendly air conditioner, for it will have the Energy Star sticker. This means […]

  • What is Military Time

    What is Military Time? The HVAC, plumbers, electricians, and other relate service technicians often use military time to record their payroll timesheets. Service accounting and scheduling software may use military time to record service calls. Military time runs on a 24-hour rotation and the civilian sector uses the “12 hour am/pm” method. Midnight is 0000, […]