Computer Programmer – Internship

Computer Programmer InternAptora is a leading software development company in Lenexa, KS. We are looking for a PAID summer intern. The ideal person is a computer science student that might be a junior or senior next year.

You will be doing hands on programming from day one. We will have you working on relatively simple low priority bugs. Depending on your ability, you will be doing more and more challenging work.

If you want to learn your craft and get paid doing it, this is the summer job for you. You will likely learn more in one summer at Aptora, than you will in an entire semester at school. Your resume’ will look better too.

Must Haves:
– Strong Interest in Computer Programming
– Computer Science Student (or related field)
– Reliable and On-time Personality
– Highly Motivated

Your hours will be 8-9am to 5-6 pm Monday through Friday. If you’re awesome, you might have a chance for overtime. Programming rock stars might have a chance at a more permanent opportunity.

What To Do Next
Send us an email introducing yourself. Our selection process starts with your email. Explain why you would be a great choice for this opportunity. Attach a resume or add it to the email. All attachments should be PDFs. Do not attach a Word document.

Don’t wait. We are in a hurry and plan to conduct interviews and hire someone very quickly.

Send Us An Email