Aptora’s Corporate Wellness Program

Covers conception, implementation, documentation and wellness tips

  • Reduce sick time, increase productivity, and increase morale with Aptora’s professionally designed Corporate Wellness Program.

    Aptora’s Corporate Wellness Program is a low cost, do-it-yourself alternative to traditional wellness programs.  This complete, easy to use, system includes fully customizable Microsoft Word Documents to start and monitor your company’s own wellness program.  In addition to these forms and documents, this system gives you a complete list of all wellness equipment (fitness tracker, blood pressure monitor, scale, etc.) you will need along with the estimated cost to fully implement your company’s own wellness program.  The program covers conception, implementation, documentation and additional tips to start and maintain your company’s wellness program.

    Just follow the simple implementation manual step by step.  It covers all areas of running a wellness program including choosing a wellness program director, purchasing and choosing equipment, reviewing and editing the program materials (which are included with this program), choosing a program start date, printing your materials (from the included forms and documents), holding your wellness meetings, setting up procedures for paying wellness bonuses, maintaining wellness records, enrolling participants, and more.

    When you choose to implement Aptora’s Corporate Wellness Program, you are making the conscious decision to positively impact your company’s future by investing in the health and wellness of your employees.  The Corporate Wellness Program was developed for a wide range of employee personality and body types.  Whether your employees are fit, trim and active or carrying an extra 30 pounds and desperately in the need of a healthy lifestyle change, this system has the potential to benefit each and every one of them both financially and physically.

    In addition to the company benefits there are numerous employee benefits in the Corporate Wellness Program, the most important benefit being increased individual wellness.  A large part of wellness is physical fitness.  This system encourages participants to increase their fitness level by participating in physical activity such as walking.  Why is walking so important?  According to the American Heart Association; walking and moderate physical activity, when done for at least 30 minutes a day, can help decrease heart rate, improve blood sugar (for non-insulin diabetics), improve blood pressure, lower the risk of obesity, enhance mental well-being, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

    If you are interested in investing in this life changing wellness program, or would like to have Aptora’s Registered Nurse and health care expert, Susan Leichter, help you implement the Corporate Wellness Program at your company site or you would like to find out about our on-site Employee Health Screenings, call 877-232-7978 to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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    Refill Items:

    • Employee Wellness Tracking Sheets (Pack Of 20)

      corporate wellness program tracking sheet

      PRICE: $14.99

    • Plastic Binder Dividers (Pack Of 8)

      corporate wellness program dividers

      PRICE: $7.99

  • Corporate Wellness Program Includes:

    corporate wellness program kit

    • Setup and Implementation Manual
    • Fully Editable Microsoft Word Forms
    • Wellness Program Binder
    • 16 Binder Dividers
    • Pack of 20 Employee Wellness Tracking Sheets
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) Quick Reference Guide
    • Pre-printed Sample Forms (Filled Out)
    • 2 Hours of Live-on-line consultation and basic setup of Program Handouts

    Wellness Program Terms of Sales Agreement

    PRICE: $1,249.00


    Not Included: Fitness Tracker

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    corporate wellness program