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Service and Installation Management from a Mobile Device

field service management

Empower your technicians with Aptora’s award-winning field service management software. Mobile II connects your Smartphone or tablet to Total Office Manager® software.

  • “The technicians are able to look up customer history, equipment and notes on their mobile device and the customers enjoy getting emailed invoices now rather than paper copies that end up getting lost. Every single technician from the young tech savvy to the older seasoned guy can use the program with ease.”

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    • Empower Your Technicians
      Mobile access to all work orders, service records, equipment history, and warranty info in the field.
    • Manage Your CRM and Sales Processes
      Enter leads, create proposals, collect down payments, and sign the document on your favorite mobile device.
    • Process Work Orders and Create Invoices
      Quote options, capture signatures, and process credit cards.
    • Access Your Financial Performance
      View key performance indicators, daily sales figures, cash-flow, and over 100 important financial data points.
    • Manage Jobs and Track Employees
      View a complete mobile dispatch board. View job progress and timesheet info in the field.

    mobile service industry software

Create Data Entry Forms and Reports with Aptora Mobile Form Builder!



  1. Do you find yourself completing estimates or invoices on paper in the field, only to have the office waste time entering the same data later?
  2. Does your dispatcher wish they could send work orders electronically and view technician progress without wasting time talking on the phone or sending email?
  3. Do you call into the office to get pricing (that is already in your system) for your invoices or estimates, when you could easily look it up yourself on a mobile device?
  4. Do you wish that you could pull up your flat rate pricing from your phone or tablet?
  5. Do you wish you could use your phone or tablet to look up inventory, repair history or warranty status?
  6. Could you save $100’s every month in gas, by cutting your trips in half and completing remote estimates (and even close the business) in the field during your first visit?
  7. Do you think that you would sell more services and options if you could present them on a tablet in the field?
  8. Have you considered going paperless?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, perhaps you should consider…

field service management

Built by “Mr HVAC”, James Leichter – a former HVAC contractor, turned software programmer and business consultant. Aptora Mobile II is part of Total Office Manger — The #1 rated Business Management Software , two-time winner ComforTech “Best Business Management Software Award,” earning a perfect 5 Rating within the Capterra Software Review and the highest 5 Star Rating from CPA Technology Advisor Review.

Aptora has been helping the Service Industry for over 18 years with over 16,000 service business customers nationwide – it is the industry standard for integrated accounting and service management software.

Why Choose Mobile II?

There are three main reasons to consider Aptora Mobile II – Your Virtual Office Connection

  1. Empowers your field technicians
  2. Eliminates double entry
  3. Provides comprehensive remote office access

Let’s look at each of these points in detail.

1. Empowers Your Field Technicians. Ensures your technicians have all the information they need without delays from constant calls or trips to the office – allowing greater speed, better customer satisfaction and more jobs (more revenue).

  • Mobile Schedule Board: Technicians can view the day’s initial and ongoing appointments added by dispatch throughout the day without constantly calling or returning to the office. The field can also remotely schedule other technicians to assist with projects – ensuring the field is fully empowered to solve the customer’s problems with minimal delay.
  • Access Remote Files: Your technicians can access service history, warranty and on-site equipment information, electronic documents, real-time inventory (in warehouse and other trucks), their electronic flat rate books, and more – everything they need to service and manage the account quickly without calling or coming into the office (saving time and avoiding delays – which allows them to service even more customers).
  • Create Remote Documents: Any technician with system permissions can create proposals, work orders, invoices, and purchase orders on the fly in the field. Invoices and receipts can be printed or emailed to customers while still on site. Purchase orders can be ordered remotely–and the Job Notification System can notify the user when the part arrives.
  • Capture Signatures: Work Orders, Invoices, Proposals, Purchase Orders, and other documents can include the customer signature that can be signed with their finger – no stylus needed. The latitude and longitude is also captured which helps verifies authenticity.
  • Accept Remote Payments: Technicians can accept payment in full or partial payments from multiple payment methods on a single screen. This improves cash flow and helps make the agreement binding.
  • Monitor Technician Activity: Monitor technician’s service calls and work order status (in progress or completed) in real-time throughout the day. Includes daily performance metrics to help you understand and improve your daily performance as a company or per technician.

2. Eliminates Double Entry. Gone are the days of everyone entering the same data multiple times (with the painful delays and potential entry errors).

  • Office enters data once: Dispatch connects prior customers, or enters new customer contact information once. The Quick Add feature allows quick entry from existing contact logs, work orders, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, appointments, messages and more – so there is always less for field technicians to type.
  • Field enters data once: Work orders, estimates, new services and inventory, invoices, warranty serial numbers, and payments are entered in the field and automatically synced with the office. No paper, no chicken scratch notes, no lost (or modified) invoices, fewer paper checks and bank visits, and no painful or overtime data entry at the end of an already long day – it is 100% electronic from end-to-end.
  • Office Verified: Remote invoices and customer updates can either be processed automatically, or held for quick and simple review before committed to the general ledger and main database – ensuring accurate financials.

3. Comprehensive Remote Office Access.

  • Complete Access: Securely view and assign your sales leads, see new customers, inventory levels, bank balances, your next day’s appointments, profit per technician, even remote technician activity – everything you want to know remotely on your mobile phone or tablet… without returning to or staying late at the office.
  • Mobile Reports: Includes condensed, mobile-optimized, real-time financial income statements, balance sheets, account payables, receivables and key performance indicators reports containing your most vital financials (pulled from over 300 data points) – manage your entire business at home or while on your vacation with a true virtual office connection.
  • Always Live: Aptora Mobile II maintains an “always live active connection” to your desktop software. That means you never have to wait for updates or perform data synchronizations.
  • Built for Speed: Aptora Mobile II has been finely tuned and optimized to respond quickly – even with limited connectivity. There are also shortcuts available throughout the program and virtually all features are accessible with three clicks or less.
  • Secure: The admin can allow and restrict user access and permissions within most modules. The SSL military grade encryption maintains an encrypted secure link between your mobile device and the server – to fight hackers and ensure your data is safe.

What’s Next?

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