Features and Benefits

Aptora Mobile Field Service Management Software

Aptora’s mobile field service software was designed by experienced technicians and perfected after careful field testing.

This is just a partial list of what this software can do. Plus, we are adding new features and capabilities all of the time. Contact us for a free, live, personalized demonstration by calling 866-296-9700 or click here to send us an email.

field service software

Your technicians will be able to:

  • View a full-blown schedule board on their device
  • Accept work orders
  • Send email confirmations and reminders with a photo of the technician
  • Insert pre-written text, service descriptions, and other information into description fields
  • View only one work order at a time (or all – your choice)
  • Create, edit, print, and email work orders
  • Create, edit, print, and email invoices
  • Create and edit customers and jobs
  • Create, edit, print, and email purchase orders
  • Enter or edit customer equipment
  • Look-up flat rate pricing repairs
  • View inventory on their truck (see what they have in stock)
  • Capture signatures on work orders, invoices, proposals, and purchase orders
  • Automatically record GPS data when a signature is saved
  • Enter the name of the signor (like UPS does)
  • Email and print work orders
  • Accept full or partial payments
  • Process credit cards
  • Accept multiple forms of payment
  • Enter time sheet information (for yourself or other users if management allows it)
  • Create, edit, print, and email sales proposals and estimates
  • Control access to wholesale and even retail pricing
  • Suppress all pricing from your employees
  • Separate terms and conditions for Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices
  • Customizable signature area for Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices

Your sales people will be able to:

  • Accept sales calls
  • Manage telephone messages and notes
  • Enter sales proposals and estimates
  • Provide a good, better, best set of sales proposals
  • Capture signatures
  • Receive a down-payment
  • Email or print the proposal
  • Enter purchase orders
  • Schedule the installation

Owners will be able to:

  • See who owes you and how much (accounts receivable)
  • See who you owe and how much (accounts payable)
  • View your income statement and balance sheet
  • View banking information
  • Study daily performance and efficiency reports
  • Control access and manage security

Managers will be able to:

  • Manage on-call activity from almost anywhere
  • Enter customers from scratch
  • Enter work orders
  • Enter purchase orders
  • Monitor technician activity
  • View management reports and key numbers

Users will have full access to view and edit (as noted):

  • Company Information
  • Time Sheets*
  • Appointments*
  • Work Orders*
  • Reminders*
  • Phone Messages*
  • Sales Opportunities (your sales leads)*
  • Executive Summary Report (very extensive)
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Mapping and Directions (depends on your device)
  • One-click emailing and calling (depends on your device)
  • Customers (with history)*
  • Customer equipment with history*
  • Vendors (with history)*
  • Employees*
  • Employee time sheets*
  • Banking/chart of accounts
  • Detailed security allowing you full access control
  • Full auditing of remote connections
  • Information is live and shown in real time (no delays)
  • We are aggressively adding features and updating this software
  • And more!

*Allows editing of all or part of the record.

Other Features and Capabilities

  • Avoid misspelled words and eliminate typos with your device’s integrated spell check.
  • Save time and reduce errors using your device’s built in voice recognition technology to dictate service and sales descriptions.
  • Prewritten Service Descriptions. Use this powerful feature to create lists of carefully written descriptions. Those descriptions can be easily inserted into estimates, invoices, and other forms with a touch of a button. Descriptions can be categorized, searched, and combined. Save valuable time, eliminate typos, reduce complaints, and increase sales by inserting professionally written sales and service descriptions.
  • Switch between two or more businesses. We give you the ability to manage all of your businesses – no extra cost.
  • Prevent retail pricing from being displayed on Estimates, Invoices, Work Orders, and My Flat Rate Book.
  • There are lots of short cuts and hyperlinks that save you time.
  • Enhanced and extensive searching and filtering.
  • Address link to a Map (where available).
  • Phone numbers can be clicked for auto dial (where available).

Do you have any questions or would you like more information and a free online demonstration? If you have any questions or would you like more information, please call toll free at 866-296-9700 or use the Contact Us page.