• Frequently Asked Questions about Aptora Mobile II

    Below, you will find the most common questions that we get regarding this our mobile business management software. Please be sure to contact us if you have other questions.

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Is there a demo and how does it work?

Yes. You can demo the software yourself and we can give private demonstrations upon request.

Can a technician accept a work order and change the status so the office knows they accepted it?

Yes. The office will see that the technician accepted the mobile work order instantly in the desktop software. They can also create work orders and add customers.

Can the office only show the technician one mobile work order at a time?

Yes. There is a preference that will only show the technician one mobile work order at a time.

Can a user create mobile estimates, work order, and invoices?


Can we capture signatures?

Yes. You can include them on service invoices and work orders. You may also view them instantly in the desktop software. We also time and date stamp the signature. In addition, we record the latitude and longitude and provide a hyperlink that will display a map showing you exactly where the signature was recorded.

Can our employees enter mobile time-sheets (for hours worked)?

Yes. You can enter mobile time sheets by work order, job, employee, and more. Managers can review and edit time sheets. Time sheet entries can be made for multiple employees at once.

Can we print and email work orders, invoices, and estimates?

Yes. You have various report styles to select from and we support both flat rate pricing and time and materials.

Does your Field Service Management Software include flat rate pricing?

Yes. There is a “My Flat Rate Book” feature and we have optional flat rate pricing databases for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical fields. Our flat rate books include a “client view” that includes a repair summary, price, and picture (image) of your choice.

Can I control what my employees and see and do?

Yes. You have full control over what users can and cannot see and do. There is a security panel inside Aptora Mobile Server Edition that gives you full control over security. In addition, anything that users do remotely is fully logged in the Total Office Manager audit trail.

Is there a schedule or dispatching board (calendar)?

Yes. There is a My Calendar and a Company Calendar. You have security control over each.

Can users add Purchase Orders?

Yes. And so many other things.

Can users add Customer Equipment and view repair history on that equipment?

Yes. You can do both easily.

How much data or bandwidth does Aptora Mobile use? Do I need to upgrade my cellular plan?

The bandwidth used by Aptora Mobile is relatively negligible. You should not need to upgrade your plan.

We used the Aptora Mobile software constantly for ten minutes and measured the amount of bandwidth used. In our tests, Aptora Mobile moved 110 KB of data per minute. That means you could use the program for 79 hours before reaching 1GB of bandwidth (that’s 79 hours of actually using the program).

While there are a lot of variables, the average service technician will likely spend far less than 60 minutes per day actually using the software. If your technician used the software for one hour per day, six days per week, they would use approximately 40 MB of your plan’s total bandwidth allowance. That’s tiny. Many data plans include 2GB (2048 MB) or more per month. Please check with your carrier to be sure.

How much is this software?

The software is $4,999.00 for five concurrent users (five people may connect at any one time). Each additional user is just $499.00, and users may be added at anytime. Your first year of software updates, upgrades, new versions, and toll free technical support are included. We offer discounts for multiple users so please call or email us for more information.

Do I need to own Total Office Manager Enterprise?

Yes. You must own a current updated version of Total Office Manager Enterprise Edition and have a current support plan. Any of our support plans is fine.

What are you actually shipping us when we buy this software?

We send you the Aptora Mobile Server Edition software CD along with a comprehensive user manual. The Aptora Mobile II icon can be downloaded from the web browser on the smartphone or tablet device.

Can we buy this software for less than five users (and less money)?

Sorry but no. Five users is the minimum we can allow. The reason is so that we can over our fixed (minimum) costs on providing this software.

We have multiple company files that we use in Total Office Manager. Is there an extra fee to access those company files?

Nope. We will allow you to access all of your company files (different businesses).

We have multiple business locations that use Total Office Manager. Is there an extra fee for those other business locations?

Yes but only if each location uses a different company file (database). In that case, each location must buy the software. We will offer you a discount on multiple business locations.

Can I download the software immediately upon purchase?

Yes. Your salesperson can provide you a link upon request.

Is there anything else that we will need to buy?

Yes. We recommend a separate computer with a fast internet connection to use for your Aptora Mobile II server. You will need to obtain a Static IP Address. This is usually done inside your modem. You will likely need to contact your internet provider and ask them to do it. There maybe a fee for this but it should be very small. You will need to register a sub-domain or domain. This is the internet address that your mobile devices will connect to. An example might be “mobile.company.com”. This should be less than $20 per year. There is an annual fee for support and updates. Please give us a call.

What are the hardware and software system requirements to run this software?

Please check the following link for complete details: Aptora Mobile System Requirements. You will need the assistance of a qualified IT person to install and properly setup this system. We also offer advice on how to select a mobile device or smart phone.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please call toll free at 866-296-9700.