The most common questions we receive about our Flat Rate Plus software program

What is flat rate pricing?

Simply put, flat rate pricing is setting one price for a given job scenario, like replacing a ½ horse power fan motor, and sticking to the price, regardless of how long any particular job actually takes.

Why is a flat rate pricing program better than going with someone who will just print the books for us?

Flat Rate Plus!™ offers you far more flexibility and cost saving over a book subscription. You are allowed to print as many books as you like as often as you like. You can easily modify, add, or delete repairs without worrying about how much each change is going to cost you. You may even change one page at a time without calling a company meeting and replacing entire flat rate books. Think about how much more trouble it would be to call them up, explain the changes you desire, hope they can make the changes, hope they get them correct, and ship your books to you several weeks later.

Is Flat Rate Plus easy to use?

Yes! Very Easy! We designed the flat rate pricing program to be very easy to use. It only takes about 45 minutes to begin printing your first set of flat rate pricing books. In addition to the considerable ease of use, you have considerable flexibility to modify your books in many ways.

Does Flat Rate Plus limit me to one year of operation, then I must purchase an update?

No. You are not required to purchase anything else. The program will not shut down and you are not limited in any way.

Can I add, delete, or modify repairs?

Yes. It’s very easy to do all three with Flat Rate Plus!

How many repairs are included with Flat Rate Plus?

We have included about 4000 tasks, and about 4600 inventory items. We have included only the repairs that you are likely to need. We have not filled the program with a great deal of unusual repairs or installation tasks that may only confuse your technicians and promote errors. Please see the Specifications Sheet for details and current information.

Can I export the database of repairs and inventory items to other programs?

Absolutely yes! The flat rate pricing program has a built-in export utility so you can export the data in various formats. We are always establishing new working relationships with bridge vendors, and currently Flat Rate Plus bridges with over 80 different brands of popular software, including several different accounting programs such as Quickbooks, Coastal Computer Corporation, Team Management Systems, Wintac, Bottom Line, Service Success and many, many more.

How long will it take to setup my books?

We are happy to provide you with free training and setup of your flat rate software. We walk you through the entire process in about 45 minutes. When we’re finished with your training session, all that’s left to do is print out your books! It’s very easy and requires minimal set up. We have lots of customers that use the program straight out of the box!

Can I return the program if we do not like it?

Yes. You may try the program and if you do not like it, you may return it within thirty days of the invoice date for a full refund (less shipping).

What type of technical support or training do you offer?

We offer highly skilled computer and software technical support. We also provide you with access to our expert staff of consultants. Standard support lasts 90 days from the date of the invoice. We also offer free training and setup of the software. You may also visit our offices for free comprehensive flat rate training.

Will I have to add a lot of repair tasks to the program?

No. Most people spend their time deleting or inactivating tasks – not adding them. We include more tasks than most people would ever need. We make it very easy to remove any unneeded tasks.

Besides saving money, why else would we want software?

We feel that we would like the convenience of having someone just print our books for us. No matter what flat rate book you purchase, you are not going to agree with 100% of it. You will absolutely find prices or labor or whatever that you would like to change. That’s a fact! When you subscribe to a book service you do not have the ability to make changes to the books. You are not allowed by law to change any of the pages and reprint them. With our software (Flat Rate Plus) you can make ANY changes you wish. If you are concerned about convenience, what could be more inconvenient than being stuck with information you cannot change?

Will you print the books for us?

No. We don’t offer that service. It is so easy to do it yourself, there is no need to do  this for you.

Can we change the wholesale (direct) price of parts?

Yes. Prices can be changed individually or globally. You can enter a new price of a single item or you can add a percentage to groups or categories of parts. It’s very easy.

Can we set our own labor rates?

You can easily and quickly set your labor rates in one place and the entire program is updated.

How are the prices of repairs determined?

Prices are a result of labor time multiplied by your labor rate plus the retail price of parts. You have full control over each.

Where do your labor times come from (amount of time assigned to a repair)?

Labor times are a result of careful analysis of manufacturers data, technician surveys, historical data taken from service departments, and our own extensive experience in the field. These times have been further refined since the program’s first release in 1996.

Does Flat Rate Plus™ include any commercial tasks?

Yes. We include tasks for most air cooled equipment; basically anything that you would find in a “strip mall”, restaurant, bakery, small office building, etc. We include plenty of boiler work (steam and hydronic).

Can Flat Rate Plus be used on a network?

Yes the program can be networked. You do not need a special version of FRP to install the program on a network. It includes a network 5-pack, allowing you to install FRP on up to 5 computers at no additional charge.

Flat Rate Plus Software System Requirements

System/Hardware Minimum
Operating System Windows XP Pro (SP3) / Windows 7 (Any Edition)
Processor (CPU) Pentium 4 or equivalent (or higher)
Hard Disk Space 500 MB Available
RAM 1GB Minimum (2 GB Recommended)*
Video 800 x 600 16-bit video driver
CD-ROM Required For Installation
Other Mouse or pointing device
Printer Required For Printing (Duplex printer recommended)
*We recommend that you install all of the memory your system can handle. It’s currently very cheap and will generally offer the largest performance increase of anything else you do.
Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please call toll free at 866-296-9700 or emails us at sales@aptora.com.