See what our actual clients are saying about Flat Rate Plus from Aptora

  • “Your technical staff have been stellar and we’ve truly appreciated their help. It’s really difficult to learn a new program and your support was the only thing that got us through. You have an amazing product and I wish you luck in the future.”


  • “After owning 4 other systems over the last 17 years, this was by far the easiest and most professional system to use. Your support and the fact that it was so obvious how to use makes my life easier.”

    Scott Ruch

  • “When you’re taking a huge step with your company you lay awake at night worrying if you’ve made the right decision! Glenda & Margie managed to take away a lot of that worry for me instead…I’ll be calling them back for sure…knowing they are there to help eases my mind!”


  • “I have 30 years in the plumbing field and in business overall. I have also taught technical classes for over 10 years as well. My wife and I attended one of your seminars, and my wife told me that if she closed her eyes during the seminar, she thought I was up there talking. The sad thing is that many contractors can’t or won’t grasp on to your message or priorities. I was very impressed with your presentation and wanted to let you know that you are on the right track.”

    Charles Redecker – AMR Plumbing, Inc.

  • “After doing my homework and researching all the flat rate pricing companies I could find, it became very clear to me that Jamie and his staff have my best interests in mind. After speaking with Jamie personally, I decided to “go all the way”; I purchased Flat Rate Plus in March 2004. The decision was easy; MrHVAC has all the tools necessary to smoothly run my company. They truly cover all the bases!”

    Jason KingsolverAffordable Plumbing Heating & Cooling

  • “Wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed we have been with your software. After I received your initial training course I have only had one question on how to accomplish something within the Flat Rate Plus program that I was unable to figure out on my own. That is what I love so much about Flat Rate Plus… the software is so user-friendly I can navigate easily through the program to accomplish what we want to do (keep in mind… I am not very computer savvy). We are just about to begin testing with a few of our technicians and are excited to see the results. I’ll keep you posted. Take care.”

    Brian J. AustingRoto-Rooter Services Co.

  • “Just received your catalog, very nice. It carries excitement and enthusiasm as the pages are turned.”

    Steve O.

    “Howdy Jamie, I just got back in town and got your letter regarding premium support. Frankly, your software is just too danged good.”

    Steve ScottComfort Technology

“We saw you at the MrHVAC booth one year at Comfortech and then another and another….flat rate was the talk of all the conferences and in all of the industry literature. All the successful contractors told us they were using flat rate. Yet, for reasons that sound foolish NOW, we were resistant to make the change from “the way we had always done it” to something new. MrHVAC’s Flat Rate Plus software finally got us to take the plunge…”

Kathe StewartPrecision Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC

“I have been in the HVAC business for 22 years. I have always been a believer in trying to offer the HVAC Dealer information that will enhance the way their business is operated. I feel it is my duty to locate the best possible information available to the HVAC industry. To me, bringing affordable programs to Canada like Aptora offers is only smart business.”

David Sheldon  CANADA