GPS Software

GPS Software For Contractors – Employee & Asset Tracking

Aptora offers two different GPS software solutions to fit your contracting business needs. Tracking assets and technicians in the field is important for scheduling and dispatching employees efficiently.

Take a look at our options below and give us at 913-492-9930 if you have any questions.

  • GPS Tracking Software

    gps tracking software

  • Employee GPS Tracking – Schedule Board Mapping System

    Total Office Manager integrates with our NEW schedule board mapping system. This system contains two sections; a graphical schedule board and a GPS employee tracking map. These two sections work together for efficient scheduling and dispatching. It allows you to know exactly where your service technicians are in the field, what equipment they have in their vehicle, and much more. This is extremely helpful for contracting companies and allows you to schedule technicians to work orders more effectively based on their location and equipment.

    *This system fully integrates with Aptora’s service management software, Total Office Manager.

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  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Main Screen

    GPS Asset and Vehicle Tracking Reports

  • Black Box GPS Asset Tracking Software

    The Aptora Smart GPS asset tracking software makes tracking your company’s vehicles simple and affordable. Our GPS asset tracking software includes on demand updates, ignition on/off, over speed limit warning, idling, geozones, geofences, landmarks, virtual odometer, email notifications, user defined icons and vehicle images. There is a maintenance module that notifies the user of when to perform service on their vehicles or machinery based on the odometer or engine hours (e.g. oil change, transmission fluid). Our GPS tracking software also offers an off hour alert option so that you can set a predefined time to be notified should a vehicle be turned on or off during exception hours.

    *This system is a stand-alone program and does not integrate with Aptora’s service management software, Total Office Manager.

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