Mobile Form Builder Software

Mobile Form Builder Tablet Mock-Up

Create and manage forms and documents on your mobile device with our Mobile Form Builder Software.

  • Create your own custom screens and documents
  • Fill out forms and capture signatures
  • Instant mobile or office access to information

Capture information easily with customized screens, checklists, documents, and forms.

Customize Forms with ease

Aptora’s Mobile Form Builder software is a plugin (add on) application for Aptora Mobile II. It allows you to create data entry screens in Aptora Mobile II using almost any type of data entry field you can imagine. This information is immediately saved to your Total Office Manager database for review and analysis.


  • STEP 1

    Create and manage templates using Mobile Form Builder on your PC computer. Form Builder allows you to set up almost any type of data entry field you can imagine.

  • STEP 2

    The customized form created in Form Builder can then be filled out in the field with Mobile II by a technician or customer.

  • STEP 3

    Optionally create a PDF report for printing or emailing based on the information imputed into the form. When PDFs are saved, they automatically become available in Total Office Manager’s Document Management system and are available to view in Mobile II or in TOM.

  • Examples of forms users might create are:

    1. Annual Employee Reviews
    2. Building Inspection Reports
    3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    4. Injury Reports
    5. Inspection Reports
    6. Mechanical Maintenance Logs and Reports
    7. Post Sales Checklists
    8. Pre-Sales Job Surveys
    9. Quality Assurance Checklists
    10. Reprimands
    11. Safety Checklists
    12. Service Agreements
    13. State or Federal Government Forms
    14. Time Off and Vacation Requests
    15. Travel Logs and Travel Reimbursement Forms
    16. Wellness Program Forms
    17. Whatever else you can imagine
  • This revolutionary plugin will lower your costs, reduce paperwork, and improve customer service. Interested in Aptora’s Mobile Form Builder Software?

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