Field Service Performance Dashboards

Performance Dashboards

Manage your service contracting company by the numbers and take field service management to a whole new level. View key performance indicators from a browser, mobile device, or smart TV.

Aptora’s NEW Performance Dashboards provide snapshots of company and employee performance. The Performance Dashboards include Sales Dashboard, Service Agreement Dashboard, Invoice Dashboard, Phone Activity Dashboard, Employee Dashboard, & My Dashboard. Each one provides valuable information that can be seen at a glance from any device with an internet browser.aptora mobile dashboard


View today’s sales, yesterday’s sales, sales compared to last year, total for the year, gross profit, and more much more – all on one dashboard.

Aptora’s NEW Sales Dashboard system is a valuable add on for Aptora Mobile II. It has a clean interface, is easy to use, and is a valuable tool for owners and managers.

Sales Dashboard is essentially executive summary information with graphs that are easy to read and gives users a visual snapshot of company sales information.

The home screen allows users to see company sales information as a whole. The dashboard also allows users to view sales information by individual employee.

We have built a set of preferences, timers, and full screen modes specifically for displaying on a TV screen however, it is view-able anywhere where you can access an internet browser. Activity is refreshed at an interval of your choice to allow you to see the latest sales data as it comes into the office from the field.

  • Dashboard Features:

    • sales dashboard

    • Simple Bar Graphs
      Colored bar graphs give users a great visual representation of totals by sales reps.

    • web_salesrank


    • Leaderboard Icons
      Icons (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) show how sales representatives rank among one another.

    • web_employeepic

    • Profile Pictures

      Differentiate each employee’s page by adding an image to their profile.

    • web_map

    • Map of Location

      A small map shows the particular location of the employee  you are viewing.

  • Sales Information Includes:

    • Today’s Sales
    • Yesterday’s Sales
    • Sales Compared To Last Year
    • Sales For The Year
    • Sales For The Quarter
    • Gross Profit
    • Monthly Average
    • Highest Gross Sales
    • Top Sales Reps
    • Service Agreements Sold
    • & More!

Other Available Performance Dashboards


    A great dashboard for Customer Service Representatives. This dashboard displays telephone activity such as incoming and outgoing calls, average number of rings, length of phone conversations, how many minutes were on the phone for the day, and much more. Caller ID is required for this dashboard to function.


    The Invoice Dashboard shows statistics such as: how many invoices were entered today, average amount of invoice, biggest invoice created, the last 15-20 invoices for the day, yesterday’s last 15-20 invoices – everything you can think of regarding invoices.


    Shows information about Service Agreement (S.A.) sales. For example; S.A.s sold in year to date, total sales, how many are inactive, how many are pending, renewed, sold, etc.


    This dashboard is specific to each individual employee. It displays information regarding how they are ranked for total sales.


    My Dashboard is only found in Mobile on the home page and shows information only for the person that is logged in. Confidential company information is not shown.