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service management software

Total Office Manager® is an award-winning complete service management software program that does it all. Built by contractors for contractors. We offer both a hosted and on-premises version. With accounting, Certified Payroll for Contractors and HVAC Companies, job costing, CRM, scheduling, GPS tracking, integrated caller id, marketing, sales lead management, powerful Field Service Management App, dashboards, mapping, document management, and customized electronic forms, this is the COMPLETE package. We can even migrate your QuickBooks® financial transactions. Here is a Complete Features and Benefits PDF.

Service management software as low as $2,000 down and $500/month.

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    • Highly Advanced Inventory System
      Serialized, assembly, multi-location, auto reordering, warehouse assignment by employee, mobile alerts when items arrive, advanced flat rate pricing, and more.
    • Certified Multi-State Payroll (Certified Payroll for Contracting Companies)
      Detailed payroll and performance based pay that flows seamlessly into job costing. You can pay hourly, salaried, complicated sales commissions, and even flat rate pay (flat rate book time). Our payroll is 100% geared towards the service, replacement, and construction industry.
    • Sales Lead Tracking and Targeted Marketing (see detailed PDF in a new window)
      Manage sales opportunities from start to finish. Get mobile alerts. Techs can enter leads for salespeople or pursue the leads themselves.
    • Dispatching and Work Order Management (see detailed PDF in a new window)
      Drag and drop efficiency coupled with ingenious time saving shortcuts will increase productivity. Schedule people and assets. Instant mobile updating without needly synchronization delays.
    • Complete and Extensive Customer History
      Seriously fast drill down of ALL facts, figures, and notes. You will know everything in seconds from one screen.

    service management software

Looking for a mobile solution? Add our optional Aptora Mobile II application to access Total Office Manager on any handheld device.



  1. Accounting programs are built for accountants – NOT contractors! They do not provide service industry-specific reports, so it is almost impossible to identify where your money is made and lost (unless you have an accounting degree).
  2. Off-the-shelf accounting software does not integrate with your scheduling, dispatching, payroll, and flat rate pricing programs. You have to enter the same data TWICE or sit through a time wasting synchronization process!
  3. Paper and text-based scheduling and dispatching systems do little to efficiently manage and assign your calls. Are you minimizing the time per call and maximizing the number of service calls you make?
  4. Your technicians are mobile, but your software isn’t. How much time are you wasting in the office entering work orders, estimates, invoices, and payments from the field?
  5. How much time do you spend taking calls from the field – with information they should already have with them?

So, how can you reduce your accounting efforts, maximize field revenues and know how to increase profits? Perhaps you should consider… Aptora’s Total Office Manager® The #1 Rated Service Management Software solution. Built by “Mr HVAC”, James Leichter – a former HVAC contractor, turned software programmer and business consultant.


There are five main reasons to consider Total Office Manager.

  1. Built by Contractors – for contractors!
  2. It is Totally Integrated. One Program to do Everything
  3. Produces Service Industry Specific Reporting
  4. Smart Scheduling & Dispatching
  5. Integrates with Aptora Mobile II and Aptora Mobile Form Builder.

Let’s review each of these points in detail: 1. Built by contractors – for contractors!

  • Total Office Manager was built by contractors (not accountants) tired of fighting generic software to run their unique business and improve their bottom line. From the moment you use our service management software you realize, “These guys get it!”
  • Made for Non-Accountants. Total Office Manager’s reports are written in layman’s terms and do not require an accountant to understand. You get the information you can understand without weeding through complicated accounting jargon.

2. Total Integration.

  • Stands Alone. Learn one program and manage your entire business. No need to learn separate accounting, marketing, contact management, payroll, scheduling and dispatching software—just learn one, fully-integrated application…Total Office Manager. It’s easier to learn and train, helps you make fewer mistakes and makes it much easier to find data.
  • Integrates Everything. Unlike generic accounting software like QuickBooks® – Total Office Manager integrates your accounting with your scheduling, dispatching, flat rate pricing, and field service mobile management.
  • No Double-Entry. Eliminate double-entry by letting Total Office Manger’s integrated features fill your information through the entire program.
  • Saves You Money. The cost is almost $2,000 less than the separate non-integrated applications it replaces. It also saves you hundreds of hours of double entry.

3. Service Industry-Specific Reporting.

  • Departmentalized Reporting. Unlike generic accounting programs with generic “accounting” reports, Total Office Manager includes service industry specific departmentalized reports that don’t require an account degree to understand. This helps you pinpoint where you are making and losing money so you can increase profits.
  • Sales-Tracking. Utilize Total Office Manger’s reporting to track sales by truck, technician, or salesperson. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Total Office Manager allows you to measure and improve your performance.

4. Smart Scheduling & Dispatching.

  • Visual Navigation. Unlike text-based dispatching programs, Total Office Manager’s graphical scheduling allows you to drag-and-drop your appointments and assign them to service techs in seconds.
  • Smart Dispatching. Integrating your dispatching and accounting allows you to search your trucks for equipment, parts, ladders, and inventory to ensure the right truck gets the service call every time. You won’t waste time sending the truck with the wrong equipment or parts to the wrong location.
  • Map Integration. Total Office Manager integrates with internet based mapping to provide vehicle locations and complete routing information to minimize travel time for your technicians. Increase your calls, reduce your mileage and gas usage, and increase your profits.

5. Integrates with Aptora Mobile II – Your Virtual Office Connection.

  • Empower your field technicians. Aptora Mobile II provides secure, mobile, real-time access to appointment schedules, service history, warranty information, electronic documents, inventory stock levels, electronic flat rate pricing, mobile payments, electronic signatures, and more. It has everything they need to service the account quickly… without ever calling or coming into the office!
  • Eliminates double entry. Work orders, estimates, invoices, and payments are entered in the field and automatically synced with the office. No paper, no chicken scratch notes, no lost (or modified) invoices, fewer paper checks and bank visits, and no painful or overtime data entry at the end of an already long day–it is 100% electronic from start-to-end.
  • Remote office access. Securely view your sales leads, number of new customers, inventory levels, bank balances, next day’s appointments, profit per technician, even remote technician activity. It has everything you want to know remotely on your mobile phone or tablet… without returning or staying late at the office.

*Bonus – Total Office Manager users can order checks, forms, and other business products at a discount through Dynamic Systems. Click here for details.

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