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Field Service Management Features

Total Office Manager Enterprise was built by contractors for contractors. This is one field service management software program that can do it all. No need for cumbersome and expensive QB add-ons.

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Sales & Accounts Receivable

Getting your clients invoiced and staying on top of collections is a priority for any contracting business. Total Office Manager makes this critical job easier and safer.

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Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Our robust contractor specific purchasing PO system makes ordering and bill paying fast and easy. Everything is automated and there is no double entry. Create purchase orders in the field, track what is on order, and who is waiting for it. Mobile users will even receive alerts that their part has arrived using our unique My Special Order Parts feature.

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Payroll That Works For You

You need to know if your contracting company or service management business is making money on each job. Built-in payroll (not an add-on) is essential for accurate job costing. Our payroll system and integrated time sheet takes most of the work out of tracking and paying your employees. Supports labor union payroll. The payroll tax tables are updated aggressively and require a software maintenance plan.

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Sales and Marketing System

Producing sales opportunities and converting them into profitable sales is essential to any HVAC business or other contracting company.

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Drag and Drop Dispatch Board

Create detailed work orders and appointments in seconds and efficiently coordinate all business activities.

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Full Service Agreement System

Service agreements are the lifeblood of any good service business or contracting company and the fastest way to increase the value of your business.

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General Ledger and Banking

The general ledger is the heart of the accounting software program and is complimented with a complete set of banking features.

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