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  • “We were researching mid-tier accounting and construction management software extensively, for over two years, purposefully avoiding service-management packages layered over QB with attendant problems. We began our research with them, met with the Aptora team, and ultimately picked them as our enterprise-wide and mobile package that could take us to at least a $50m + level. Ability to process payroll in batches with multiple users in the system – a true multi-user system unlike QB. We were able to go fully mobile – invoices and payment capture in field – robust tablet use. Truly a Total Office Manager, no pun intended.” Read the full comment here.

    Nelson Caldwell – Paschal Heat, Air, & Geothermal (80 employees)

  • “I have been using TOM in our plumbing business for over 3 years now – I am extremely pleased with the software capabilities, but as important, the support you get from them is FANTASTIC! Whenever I call I get a prompt response and they go the extra mile to help me with my problem or to assist in figuring out how to do something in the system. As a (very) small business owner with no IT help (but me) I truly appreciate the level of service and concern for me and my business that Aptora gives. It is an incredible tool which is growing WITH my business.” Read the full comment here.

    Lisaann Crixell – Co-owner, Plumb Perfect

  • I was at a seminar yesterday about how to run a service department. While going through the process, we had to obtain certain data from our system. Having Total Office Manager as our software system makes this so easy. All the history that we need was there and easy to get. Thanks! This system makes things easier for us.

    Tom D’Andrea – Boothwyn Heating & A/C

  • I recently had a Yellow Pages rep in my office and I was able to show him his ad was not performing by using the marketing tracking system in Total Office Manager. End result, a very eager rep gave me a FREE ad to persuade me to re-join the Yellow Pages book next year.

    Tim Bruce – General Air Conditioning

To you who are considering software or services from Aptora, I have been using Total Office Manager since January 2008. Everyone in my organization loves it. It is easy to use and has boosted our productivity significantly. It is laid out intuitively and takes only 2 or 3 clicks of the mouse to get you where you want to go.

As with any major software improvement, it was not all smooth sailing. The conversion from QuickBooks was not perfect; but Aptora fixed it. I had some hardware that didn’t work with the software and Aptora went to the extreme of GIVING me compatible hardware!

Mr. James Leichter is a man who stands behind his products and services. His support staff is very attentive; they kept abreast of any problems that I had until they were solved. Our sales representative was always going to bat for us.

I heartily recommend Aptora and Total Office Manager.

Ronald E. Sherman – Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning

  • With every update Total Office Manager™ becomes more efficient and user-friendly!

    Patrick – Power Plumbing, Inc.

  • I appreciate the amount of knowledge that is brought forth in (Aptora’s) training.

    Timothy DePriest – Total Temperature Control, Inc.

  • We enjoy (Total Office Manager) and know that it is going to be a huge asset to our operations here.

    Casey Candaele – Power Plumbing, Inc.

(Aptora) has more information in (the) free services section on (its) website than most books do and it cuts to the chase. No double talk, just plain English.

We…wish to thank (Aptora) for the exceptional on-site training that was provided to us. Jamie was great to deal with…Thank You!

Wayne Livaudais – Bremmermann Mechanical

  • All in all (Total Office Manager) is a wonderful system that takes care of our company needs wonderfuly. I will and do recommend TOM to anyone who asks about it.

    Pam Lowery – Kilgore Heating & A/C, Inc.

  • Great job on implementing our ongoing input. I am glad to be a partner in your success!

    Frank Nascimento – On Time Heating & Air Conditioning

  • (Aptora’s) technical staff have been steller and we’ve truly appreciated their help. It’s really difficult to learn a new program and your support was the only thing that got us through. You have an amazing product and I wish you luck in the future.

    Happy Aptora Customer

  • I am very enthusiastic about Total Office Manager (TOM)! I am glad to add TOM to the list of products that I support. In reviewing TOM, I was impressed with its ease of use. QuickBooks users will find the screens familiar.

    Sandy Robertson – Solution Resources

  • Just found the advanced find feature and I love it. It is extremely fast. Thanks!

    Robert – Power Plumbing

  • Try Total Office Manager from (Aptora). I don’t know of anyone that stands behind their product any better or offers better support.

    Jason Nikkel – JN Electrical Temperature Control, Inc.

Thanks to all of you have helped with our payroll problems. Friday’s payroll was perfect!!! Yeah!! Danny and I really appreciate you taking the time to help us through this.

Sherry – Fulkerson Plumbing

  • (Aptora’s) associates are a cut above the rest. You have a positive impression on all you come in contact with.

    Tom Templeton – Coaching for Contractors

  • I have to say the customer support and technical help has been great. Thank you for your help.

    Kim Wibbenmeyer – Lundy Heating & Air