Flat Rate Books – Pre-Printed

Professionally Designed, Pre-Printed, Flat Rate Pricing Books For The HVAC\R, Plumbing, and Electrical Industries.

Flat rate pricing allows you to charge more money and avoid complaints about the bill. It is the most upfront, honest way to charge customers because they know the price before the work starts. Frankly, it’s the only way our industry is going to be able to pay techs what they deserve and make a fair profit. Aptora has the nation’s best flat rate pricing system.

Flat Rate Repair Books on CD

Pre-printed flat rate books is the perfect choice for those of you who don’t really want to use software and would like someone else to do all of the work. We make the books and ship them to you. This option does not allow you the flexibility to change prices or add repairs but it requires the least amount of effort on your part.

Here’s How it Works

Once you order, one of our flat rate specialist will contact you and have you fill out a detailed questionnaire. We will craft your books specifically for your business. Please allow one full business day for us to process.

Your order includes a custom binder for each flat rate book we make and a professionally produced technician/manager training DVD that’s almost one hour long!. This video comes in DVD format.

Super Easy

Let us do all of the work for you! Flat rate price books made to order in just three days. We create your books and maintain your account information. We fax or email you a comprehensive questionnaire. You decide how your books will look and what your charges will be. Compare it to what our competitors are offering. We offer more book layout options than anyone else in the country. Free setup and training by professional consultants. Black and white or color pages using 16 point Arial fonts – great for an older clientele (three color printing is optional). Easy to read books designed for the technician as well as the customer.

Books are printed using extra heavy, extra bright paper. A comprehensive Table of Contents is included. You can have all retail pricing rounded to the dollar. We send three repair books, one manger’s book, a training DVD, four free professional flat rate binders, and a book CD. This CD contains your flat rate book in PDF format. You can print all of the books that you wish – anytime you wish.

Industries Covered

Flat Rate Plus is pre-loaded with your choice of HVAC, plumbing, or electrical repairs. It’s easy to change prices, add repairs, modify labor times, and update descriptions. You’re able to change almost everything.

You receive your choice of one of the following industries. You may invest in others for an additional fee.


The HVAC database is appropriate for residential and commercial repair; up to about 25 tons. It includes simple and complex repairs for air conditioning, gas heating, oil heating, electric resistant heat, steam and water boiler, evaporative cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, ice machines, and water heater repairs. We also include duct cleaning, duct repair, pool heater, and water heater. A complete list of HVAC equipment and installation scenarios are included. These include condensing units, heat pumps, air handlers, and furnaces from all of the major manufacturers such as American Standard, Arcoaire, Armstrong, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman (mobile-home), Comfortmaker, Goodman, GMC, Heil, Janitrol, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Tempstar, Trane, and York.

Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, and Sewer

The plumbing database includes drain, gas, and water piping. We have tub, shower, urinal, kitchen, bath, and lavatory, repairs. We have also carefully constructed sewer and drain repairs and cleaning. Sump pumps, sewer pumps, well pumps and water treatment are all well covered.

Electrical and Landscape

Includes diagnostics, troubleshooting, breakers, fuses, hot tub connections, circuit extensions, service panels, lighting, ballasts, cable locating, ceiling fan installation, dedicated circuits, switches & dimmers, disconnects, exhaust fans, generators, home automation, service upgrades, load centers, time clocks, surge protection, and more. We have added a unique high voltage landscape lighting section.
Please Note: Serialized equipment installations are not included in the Flat Rate Book on CD or Pre-Printed Flat Rate Book options. Serialized equipment installations are only included in the Flat Rate Plus software option.

Features at a Glance

You have the option to round off your flat rate repair amounts. For example: $234.87 becomes $235.00. This makes it easier on the technicians and office staff to deal with the paperwork.

  • Includes regular, overtime, and preferred labor rates.
  • Free setup and training by professional consultants.
  • Pages have 16 point Arial fonts – great for an older clientele.
  • Easy to read books designed for the technician as well as the customer.
  • Colorful front and back covers that are laminated.
  • Books are printed using extra heavy, extra bright paper.
  • Three color printing option (extra fee applies).
  • Table of Contents, with page numbers, included.
  • You can have all retail pricing rounded to the dollar. No cents to worry about!
  • You have the option to breakout sales tax from the task amount in your book.
  • HVAC/R, Plumbing, and Electrical databases are available.
  • Four different report styles to choose from – each one has its own formatting options.
  • Separate Price List condensed report used for add-ons and special discounts.
  • Add-on report allows you to choose the material and labor discounts.
  • Sales tax applied to labor and/or parts (based in retail or direct cost)
  • Comprehensive parts multiplier table that avoids significant “price drop”.
  • Material sales tax applied to the price you pay or the price you charge
  • Free expert management support by a full-time dedicated staff; people that know this industry!
  • Allows for tax exempt work and multiple sales tax rates.
  • Tax by direct cost or retail price.
  • Preferred customer discounts on parts and/or labor, and you decide what name to call it.
  • Repair task labor allocations are encrypted. You can read them but others cannot.
  • Many tasks include detailed notes.
  • The most detailed task descriptions available from anyone.
  • Smart Repair Numbering: ACA-T87S-0060 means a T87 thermostat, sub-base, and one hour of labor.
  • What You Will NOT Get:
    -Repair tasks written by a computer geek who wouldn’t know a contactor from a thermocouple.
    -Expensive setup charges, minimum orders, book revision charges, monthly or annual fees.
  • The Following is Included Free:
    -All Documents on CD
    -Accounting Data Diskette. Load Your Pricing Book Directly Into Your Software. Most Programs Are Supported.
    -3 Heavy Duty Plastic 7- Ring Flat Rate Binders.

Prices and Options

  • Your total investment is just $1399.95 for one Manager’s Reference Book and three Flat Rate Technician’s Books.
  • Additional Technician’s Books are only $249.50 each.
  • Renewals are 50% of the retail price in effect at the time of the renewal.
  • Three-color printing is available for an additional charge of 30%.
  • Choose from one of three databases. If you wish to have additional databases included in your book, there is an additional fee of $125.00 per book per database at the time of the original order. Additional databases ordered later will be full price. Example: Invest in the HVAC/R and the plumbing book set (one Manager’s Book and Three Technician’s Books), the total investment would be $1899.95.

Monthly Fees

We don’t have any. There are no hidden charges and nothing else to buy. Other companies will try and stick you with monthly or annual fees. You’ll pay and pay and never own your books. Stop paying and they’ll demand that you immediately stop using them and ship them back. YOU OWN THESE BOOKS!

Still Confused?

Please call us at (866) 296-9700 to discuss all of your options. There is simply too much information and too many options to place on the web site at this time. Please call us for more information. We’re looking forward to helping your company with flat rate pricing.

Start using Flat Rate Plus in less than one hour

Flat Rate SoftwareThis program is ready to go – right out of the box for the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries. Unlike other software, you will not need to spend several days or weeks entering data and setting things up. Flat Rate Plusis a very powerful Microsoft Windows software program that allows its user to quickly create their own professional flat rate pricing books.Our program offers many useful features; yet it’s incredibly easy to use. Once the program is installed, you only need to enter your company name, local sales tax rate, labor rates, and direct labor cost.That’s all there is to it! You could be printing your company’s own flat-rate books in about one hour.

Of course Flat Rate Plus™ gives you unparalleled flexibility to customize inventory, repair tasks, markups, direct costs – almost everything! Flat-Rate Plus even gives you the ability to easily and automatically convert all of your reports into the various formats used by today’s finest word-processors, databases and spreadsheets.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please call toll free at 866-296-9700 or emails us at sales@aptora.com.

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