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Flat Rate Plus Software

Updated for 2018. Grow your company with Flat Rate Plus™ from Aptora. With this special package, you receive a Flat Rate Plus™ Software Download so you can print off and update your flat rate books yourself any time. You also receive 12 months of unlimited, toll-free phone support.

Flat Rate Plus™ was designed to grow alongside your business. Modifications to price and tool listings let the software be customized to any company in Field Service Industry. Aptora's Easy Labor Calculator is built into the program to help you find your company's optimal labor rate.

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QuickBooks Account Link
QuickBooks Account Link
Our software optionally integrates with QuickBooks® and that makes service and installation invoicing a cinch. This easy to use software program is a must for contractors and service companies using QuickBooks®. It painlessly transfers your flat rate pricing information from your flat rate books into QuickBooks®. When you open QB, all of your flat rate repairs will be included in your item selection lists. Pricing, discounts, sales tax, and more is available with no double entry. Changes you make in Flat Rate Plus update information in QB. This makes your office work easier by auto filling your sales, invoices, and estimates. This includes all of the parts, labor, descriptions, pricing, and other flat rate information. You will pay for this software program very quickly by eliminating a lot of labor hours and mistakes.
Premium Field Service Zipper Portfolio
Premium Field Service Zipper Portfolio
Price is for a case of ten. Make a professional impression on your clients with this faux leather portfolio. Each 7-hole portfolio provides the ultimate in durability with 7 binder rings and a heavy-duty zipper to keep your book and important documents safely inside. It also includes a solar calculator, business card slots and a notepad with clip. (Just don’t tell anyone it’s “Faux” leather).

Seven Hole Paper Punch
This patented, high performance model punches seven clean holes that line up perfectly with all our binders zippered portfolios. Don't be fooled by 3-hole punches that seem like a better deal. They don't last as long and the punched paper tears out more easily. Custom tested and configured, the Aptora 7-hole punch handles up to five pieces of standard paper at once. View more details here.

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