How it Works

Using Aptora Mobile Form Builder is Easy

How Aptora Mobile Form Builder Works

The plugin adds data entry forms to Aptora Mobile II. These forms allow you to enter information about your service call, installation, sales call, or any other activity you can think of. The data entry forms are totally customizable.

Your employees have the option of printing fully formatted reports that can be printed or emailed. These reports can include your company logo or anything else you might wish to add.

The data is instantly saved to your Total Office Manager database and automatically associated with the customer and technician. That information can be used to identify service problems, sales opportunities, missing information, and more. Custom queries and reports can be easily created from that raw data.

Example Scenario

Creating the Form

Create a Service Quality Checklist that contains fifty data and safety points that your service technician is required to cover. You can add date fields, yes and no questions, fill in the blank text boxes, selection boxes, lists, and more. You can even include our unique Customer Equipment selector. This allows you to select one or more pieces of customer equipment from a list. All of this is done in your browser and might take one hour or so.

You have the option of creating a PDF document that can be used to display that information. Adobe Acrobat is used to create that PDF. This process is fairly simply. It can be done later and is totally optional.


From the work order screen in Aptora Mobile II (or many other screens), the Service Quality Checklist is opened. The software automatically populates the customer’s name, contact information, work order number, and more. Your technician gathers information such as voltage, amperage, temperatures, and pressures, and enters that information directly into their mobile device.

There is a printer icon on each input screen. When clicked, a PDF document is produced using the information your coworker just added. That document can be printed or emailed (depending on your device’s capabilities). The PDF is automatically stored in Total Office Manager’s Document Management System for quick and easy access by your office staff.

Using the Custom Data Viewer in Total Office Manager, your staff can search through and query the raw data. They can also create custom reports easily and quickly using the built-in Report Designer System that is already part of Total Office Manager.

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup takes just minutes. The software includes numerous sample forms and documents that can be used immediately.

  1. Be sure that you have of our current software updates.
  2. The plugin is downloaded from your Aptora Mobile II Configuration Utility with a click of a button. A serial number and registration number is entered. Installation is instantaneous.
  3. Setup user permissions and preferences in Aptora Mobile II. This takes just minutes.

You will be able to access the sample forms and documents provided.