HVAC Operations Manual

A Franchise in a Box . . . at a Fraction of the Cost

This HVAC operations manual system includes detailed training materials, federal compliance guides, policies, procedures, forms, templates, and pricing information to a specific residential and light commercial HVAC company. It is totally specific to HVAC. A proven structure to relieve stress and improve efficiency.

Please allow four extra business days for shipping. We print these manuals as they are sold so that they are as up to date as possible.


    • 2650 pages of documents
    • 159 forms and templates, 204 files in 107 folders (78MB)
    • Professionally templated and completely editable
    • Includes Flat Rate Pricing Books
    • Over 500 pages of Material Saftely Data Sheets (MSDS)
    • $2500 one time fee no licensing fees and no royalties
    • Written specifically for the HVAC industry
    • One year of FREE updates and additional files


    Section 0: Implementation Guide (approx. 25 pages)
    Section 1: Legal Affairs (approx. 200 pages)
    Section 2: Office, Building, and IT Management (approx. 50 pages)
    Section 3: Bookkeeping and Accounting (approx. 185 pages)
    Section 4: Human Resource Management (HR) (approx. 345 pages)
    Section 5: Compensation and Payroll (approx. 50 pages)
    Section 6: Scheduling and Field Management (approx. 140 pages)
    Section 7: Inventory Management (approx. 50 pages)
    Section 8: Marketing and Sales (approx. 95 pages)
    Section 9: Health, Safety, and Security (approx. 250 pages)
    Section 10: Credit and Collections (approx. 30 pages)
    Section 11: Service Agreements (approx. 60 pages)

    *There are approximately 1000 additional pages that are not printed but on the CD. They include MSDS sheets, flat rate books, guides, and more. Page numbers are subject to change as we update the manual.

  • hvac operations manual


The entire system is printed on heavy bright white paper. Each manual is presented in a binder so it is easy to edit pages and replace them as needed. Best of all, these professionally formatted documents are included on a CD in MS Word format and they follow all standard MS Word formatting conventions. The owner can open, modify, edit, and print any of these forms and documents as needed.


This is a systematic HVAC management system that is much like what you would receive if you became a member of a first class HVAC franchise. The difference is that a franchise might charge you $25,000 plus a percentage of your annual sales. We offer our system at a fraction of the cost and there are NO ongoing fees or royalties.

The investment is just $2,500.00. That’s less than one dollar per page.


Q: How much is it?

A: Your total investment is just $2500. That is a one time fee. There are no licensing fees and no royalties of any kind. UPS Ground shipping is free. Processing takes three (3) business days. We print them in small batches so the information is up to date.

Q: Do you offer refunds on this product?

A: No. This is proprietary HVAC franchise material. There are no refunds. Keep in mind, there are no ongoing fees and no royalties. You own these materials subject to the Terms of Usage Agreement.

Q: Do you have an operations manual for the plumbing or electrical industry?

A: No. It would be relatively easy to modify this system for those industries though. You will use our templates to create a sales proposal, technical testing, modified job descriptions, modified organization chart, modified inventory list, and a few other details.

Q: Does the HVAC operations manual apply to both commercial and residential?

A: This manual was designed for residential and light commercial companies. If you do heavy commercial work, the vast majority of the manual should still apply.

Q: Does the HVAC operations manual apply to union companies?

A: We did not design the operations manual with unionized companies in mind.

Q: Will this operations manual work for a HVAC company in Canada?

A: Yes. We think that it should. The legal section is probably the only section that will contain elements that do not apply in Canada. Issues related to the selection, registration, and maintenance of business entities such as corporations will not apply in Canada. We also cover compliance with relative federal laws, regulations, and certain state laws that will not apply to Canada.

Documents related to forming corporations and complying with certain laws will not be correct for your Country. However, the Legal section’s content will still serve as an excellent template for your company. For example, the Legal section contains certain USA federal forms. Their Canadian equivalents can be easily downloaded from the internet and replaced.

Q: Is flat rate pricing included?

A: Yes. We offer several flat rate books with different labor rates as MS Word and PDF documents. No software is included.

Q: Is performace based compensation included?

A: Yes. A complete customizable system is included.

Q: Can we make changes to this system?

A: Yes. The system was written primarily using MS Word 2007. If you can use MS Word 2007 (or above), you will be able to easily make changes.

Q: Is training and or consulting available?

A: Yes but it is not included. You may purchase consulting time as needed. We can also provide onsite consulting and implementation for your business. Call for details.