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Contractor Software for the Pest Control Industry

  • Pest Control Software for the Pest Control Industry

    Sure, our roots are in the HVAC industry and plumbing industry. However, over the years we have worked with experienced contractors to tweak our business management software to fit other industries such as pest control. Our pest control software will fit your business like a glove.

    What We Offer the Pest Control Industry

    Total Office Manager® is our enterprise level accounting and business management software program for the pest control industry. It includes full accounting, complete payroll, detailed financial reports, custom reports, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), budgeting, and much more. Our document management system allows you to reduce paperwork and speed up access to important documentation. Our built in sales opportunity management system works hand-in-hand with our marketing tracking system to give you detailed reports and analysis of where your sales leads are coming from and how your pest control business handles them. We offer a field service mobile app and a powerful mobile form builder. Our GPS Asset and “people” tracker will make sure you never lose track of your greatest assets – your coworkers.

    Our mobile form builder works perfectly with our field service mobile app to allow users to create their own data input forms for mobile data collection. When applying pest control chemicals, you can enter details about usage and climate conditions. Our field service mobile app also allows for fast access to safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS). That helps keep you compliant and your service technicians safe.

    Your pest control technicians will love our smart phone mobile app software. This mobile pest control software allows you to dispatch service calls, schedule appointments, enter payroll time sheets, and more.

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Total Office Manager was built on a rock solid foundation of enterprise level accounting and is your pest control invoice software solution. Aptora carefully crafted all of the features that a HVAC business would need such as project management, certified payroll, dispatching & scheduling, service agreements, service history, multiple warehouse inventory, serialized inventory, customer equipment tracking, warranty & callback tracking, inter-department billing, labor efficiency analysis, estimates, work in progress, AIA billing, change orders, CRM, sales lead management, automated sales commissions, and more – lot more. All of this is included in one pest control business software program!Commercial Pest Control Application

We have even developed software for the iPhone, Android (Droid), and BlackBerry phones. When your telephone rings, the pest control business software displays the caller ID information and instantly looks up the history behind that customer. You can enter an electronic phone message, sales lead, appointment, or work order. You can drag and drop service calls, installations, or sales calls on to the dispatch board. Work orders and appointments can be sent to the field electronically. Invoices can be created from the field or the office can debrief the technician and create a sale from the dispatch board. There is never any double entry.

Total Office Manager includes credit card processing and ACH, so collections are faster and easier than ever before. You can print the invoice and email a PDF copy. The technician may also print invoices in the field. If the service technician uses parts from their truck, you can print an Inventory Sales Activity Report by vehicle. The parts reordering process is automated.

Your pest control business managers can use the Invoice Profitability Analysis report to check the profitability of all your service calls. Your salespeople will love the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. They can create sales leads and track the entire sales process. Sales proposals and estimates are customizable. Installation managers can track change orders, print pick tickets for the installers, and automatically create work orders. You can even automatically create purchase orders for equipment, parts, and materials that you don’t have in stock.

Managers will benefit from the large collection of reports. Total Office manager even includes a unique Executive Summary and Financial Ratio Analysis. Your controller or bookkeeper can use the Bookkeeper’s Summary Report to keep up with important information. There is plenty of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to review.

If you use QuickBooks, we can migrate all of your important accounting information into Total Office Manager (depending on your software version). Please call us for details.

The Story Behind Total Office Manager
James R. Leichter, a lifelong contractor, needed a better way to run his service and installation business. Frustrated with accounting software that was either “one-size-fits-all” or totally overpriced, James assembled a dream team of software programmers and accounting professionals and set out to make his own HVAC business software. Total Office Manager is the result of five intensive years of development and more than six more years of fine tuning. The result is an accounting scheduling software program that probably looks and functions a lot like what you may have always dreamed of owning.

  • Pest Control Business Software Features:

    • Comprehensive Security System
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Employee and Vendor Management
    • Certified Payroll with USA Updates
    • Dispatching (electronic drag-and-drop)
    • Telephone Messaging System
    • Caller Identification with Instant Lookup
    • Integrated Appointments
    • Marketing Campaign Manager
    • Sales and Estimating
    • Flat Rate Pricing Books*
    • Credit Card Processing (with batch)
    • ACH Payment Processing (with batch)
    • AIA® Billing System
    • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
    • Sales Opportunity Manager (sales leads)
    • Inventory and Item Management
    • Purchase Orders and Automated Reordering
    • Bills and Accounts Payable
    • Fixed Asset Manager with Depreciation
    • General Ledger (full double entry)
    • Credit Card Management
    • Banking and Bank Reconciliation
    • Service Agreement Management
    • Comprehensive Job Costing
    • Report Designer and Navigation Center
    • Import and Export Facility
    • Mobile Smart Phone/iPad Remote Access*
    • Field Mapping and Directions**
    • MS SQL Server Enterprise Database Utilities
    • Point of Sale (POS) Option
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    What you can expect from Total Office Manager

    Complete Pest Control Business Software – Combine your accounting, certified payroll, scheduling, dispatching, service agreements, customer equipment mobile field management, and more in one program. Save time and reduce costly mistakes because there is absolutely no double-entry.

    Drag-and-Drop Scheduling & Dispatch Board – Minimize the time it takes to manage and assign each service call with a graphical schedule board and advanced dispatching. Total Office Manager is pest control dispatching software made easy.

    Financial Analysis and KPIs – Your pest control company needs to know where it stands in terms of profitability, solvency, efficiency, and risk. Our pest control business contractor software will tell you these things and more.

    Expandability – With advancements in technology, such as integration with the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, the Enterprise Edition can hold more data without causing noticeable slowdown. This makes it one of the fastest and most efficient pest control business software programs on the market.