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POS That is Fully Integrated with you Accounting Backend

Point of Sale (POS Light™) for Total Office Manager®

Aptora Corporation is proud to announce POS Light for Total Office Manager. POS Light (Point of Sale) includes a special set of features and hardware that turn Total Office Manager Enterprise into an electronic cash register. POS Light includes a USB cash drawer, USB credit card swipe, bar code scanner, cables, power adapter, and access to additional features within Total office Manager Enterprise Edition.

By combining all of the power of Total Office Manager with a cash register, POS Light will allow contractors and service companies to better manage their over-the-counter sales in a retail store environment. Users will be able to use an inexpensive computer or even re-purpose one of their older computers.

POS Light for Total Office Manager is designed for service companies, contractors, and other related businesses that also operate a retail store. POS Light offers a reasonable level of power and features at a very low price. This system was intended for light POS applications (where retail sales is not the main business and or your POS needs are not overly complex).

If you need to handle “Card Present” transactions (you wish to swipe your client’s credit card at your office), POS Light should work great for you.

Point of Sale Cash Register POS

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