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  • Reduce Fraudulent Transactions: 3 Helpful Hints for Small Business Owners

    There’s no question that fraud is a concern that at some point will cross the minds of most Americans. According to the report from ACI Worldwide, the amount of online credit card fraud between Thanksgiving and New Year’s grew by 22 percent. Small businesses are not exempt from these concerns. Check out this entry from […]

  • Looking for a Competitive Edge? Check out EGIA

    YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EGIA – THE ENERGY GAS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION As contractors in the field service management industry, one trap we fall in to is a tendency to get laser focused on the day to day operations of our own businesses. Oftentimes this can come at the expense of opportunities to learn more […]

  • One Software Program All Your Employees Can Effectively Utilize

    A service business is made up of many employees that have different roles. With different roles, comes different wants and needs in performing daily business tasks. Although employees differ, it is important that everyone is working towards a common goal and being efficient as possible, together. Therefore, it is even more important that your service […]

  • 5 Benefits of Email Marketing

    Is your contracting company utilizing email marketing? Ever thought about implementing it into your advertising and marketing efforts? Email is an easy way to contact your customers and can be a valuable avenue for connection with more customers, more often. Take a look at the list of benefits below to see how email marketing can benefit […]

  • Top Field Service Management Trends

    It seems like each year; technology continues to transpire even in the smallest details of our daily lives. From the great mobilization shift to the rise of wearable technologies and interconnected devices, it is very certain that technology has greatly changed not only our personal lives but the landscape of different industries as well. But […]

  • Aptora Mobile II App Now Available For Apple

    The same Aptora Mobile II field service solution many of our users have been implementing into their businesses is now available as an iOS App for Apple devices. Download it today by visiting the App Store on your Apple/iOS device. The price is just $4.99 and helps offset a small part of the added development […]

  • Ah, The Wonderful World Of Sales

    Like sailing the rough seas of the ocean, the life of a salesperson is very much fraught with ups and downs, twists and turns, and cold, dark, and rainy days.  Yet, there are wonderful stories, amazing journeys, and beautiful rays of sunshine also awaiting each day.  So, what does it take to be successful and […]

  • 5 Reasons You Need Electrical Contractor Software

    Thousands of electrical contractors struggle year after year. Their operations are not finely tuned, profits never seem to climb, and the stress level is always high. Their owners never seem to have enough time for relaxing vacations or much-needed family time. To make matters worse, many of these businesses are completely dependent on its owner’s daily […]

  • Service Business Escrow Accounting

    Any service company that sells planned maintenance and service agreements, especially HVAC service companies, should be setup for escrow accounting.  However, many service companies do not know what escrow accounting is or how to implement this practice within their business model. What is Planned Maintenance and Service Agreement Escrow Accounting? Explained simply, escrow is when […]