Scope of Aptora Technical Support

  • We understand that technical support is very important and we also understand the importance of providing high-quality training opportunities for your company. What will support cover? What’s the difference between support and training? Our goal is to help set your expectations properly.

    This piece was not written to be a legal document but rather a best-effort good faith attempt to explain what you can expect and cannot expect from our Technical Support Department.

Category What We Can Do What We Can’t Do Suggested Resources
Recommendations, Installation, and Updates Offer basic advice and clarification of system recommendations and clear written documentation. Give specific recommendation on hardware, network, and software systems and setup. We suggest speaking to a trusted IT professional.
Provide guidance for installing and updating the software and MS SQL Server. Provide links to FAQ and extremely detailed technical documentation. Offer step-by-step installation assistance or troubleshooting hardware, firewall, network, or operating system issues. Please contact technical support or consult with your own IT professional. We can recommend an IT company.


We also provide a remote installation and configuration service starting at $79.00 for a basic configuration to $150.00 per hour for more complicated work. However, there is no substitute for a good qualified IT person who can work on site to solve problems. Be sure to show them our installation manual.

Give assistance with basic connectivity for the purpose of using our software to the extent necessary to confirm whether such issues relate to equipment or software within Aptora’s control. Provide good documentation on troubleshooting these systems within the scope of what our software needs to function. Configure or troubleshoot third party applications such as Windows, MS SQL Server, MS IIS, MS Outlook, and others. Offer information or assistance that would be better suited for a qualified IT person or DBA.
Remote into your software using GoToAssist (or a similar program) to test network connections, see if you can connect to your server, verify basic firewall settings, and perform other simple tests that are within the capability of a non IT support person. Walk you through the installation manual, troubleshoot network connectivity issues, create firewall rules, open ports, or solve installation problems that are best addresses by qualified IT people.
Help install a sample learning database that contains many proper examples and best practices. Walk you through the database and explain the details of it. Consider our Live Online Training service or onsite training.
Importing, Data Migration, and SQL Server Help install your migrated Total Office Manager database for first time use. Explain why certain data was migrated the way it was or address questions better directed towards the technician that migrated your data. Please speak to your Aptora Data Migration Specialist with questions and concerns.
Provide guidance on proper format for importing data into your Aptora product Export accurate data from third party software or validating/formatting it for you so that it can be imported into your Aptora product We suggest that you contact that company’s technical support or documentation. Always backup your data before importing.
Troubleshoot error messages encountered when importing or exporting data Import data into a third party product or assisting with data formatting, cleanup, or correction
Offer examples of a standard import/export format and provide MS Excel templates. Provide usage and configuration questions on third party products
Explain our data migration services that are available for purchase and what your options are. Offer step by step migration of data or help with importing into Aptora software or exporting information from a third party program. We have a team of data migration specialists for hire.
Explain the basics of how our software uses SQL Server and provide links to technical documentation. Explain how to open SQL Server, explain its structure, usage, or where to locate various fields or information. Our software engineers may be hired to provide this level of consulting.
Setup, Configuration, Preferences, and Options Point out preferences and options that may help you accomplish what you are trying to do. Provide you with consulting services, such as gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s needs and customizing your configuration, preferences, security, and options to meet those needs. Consider our Live Online Training service or onsite business consulting and training.
Explain security options and help you locate settings that may help you accomplish your goals. Provide an explanation of each setting and discuss how it might be used in your company under specific circumstances. Study our documentation that explains security. Experiment with our training database.
Show you examples of chart of accounts, department lists, categories, topics, and other lists needed to get you started using the software. Discuss your company’s specific circumstances and goals and figure out how We do offer fee based Live Online Training service or onsite business consulting and training.
Product Usage Explain the basic overall flow of A/P, A/R, Scheduling, Dispatching, Payroll and other broad concepts. Take you through the entire process, step by step, and cover all possibilities. We also offer a large number of YouTube® videos. Consider our Fee Based Live Online Training service or onsite business consulting and training.


Our company’s President/CEO hosts a free two-hour internet session every 2-3 months.

Show you where to find features. Answer general questions about that feature’s purpose, options, and limitations.


We can explain our intention behind that feature and any best practices on its use.

Learn your business practices and show you how to use the feature or the software to accommodate your company’s unique circumstances.


Because of the wide ranging differences between how companies are managed, we cannot be too specific with our help and advice.

Clarify what the various forms are designed to do. Explain the purpose of that form’s fields and controls. Show you related documents so that you can educate yourself in more detail. Explain accounting or bookkeeping concepts and practices. Create or go over best practices that are specific to your business. See your own internal or outside accountant for help. We also offer a Professional Accountant’s Review.
Explain what error codes and message boxes mean. Offer advice on accounting issues or federal and state reporting matters.
Show you how to identify and work through data entry problems and suggest how to fix issues related to data entry or user error. Remote into your computer, search for these issues, and correct them for you. Analyze your individual transactions to determine the source of a data entry error. We offer a Professional Accountant’s Review. Please ask us about this service.
Investigate user reported bugs. Document and report them for fixing. Find work arounds for software bugs. Make promises we can’t keep such as exactly when the bug will be fixed. Speak directly to a supervisor if you feel like the problem is being ignored.
Discuss future products and features that we are working on, that might be useful to you – when that information can be publicly disclosed. Provide information about other services we provide that may be of help. Discuss details of those products, features or completion date estimates. Enter feature requests for clients. Use our online feature request system. Each one is read by management. We also send out newsletters that include future programming plans.
Explain set procedures, tasks, or best practices, in Aptora software (when they exist). Determine why your own procedure or methods are not working for you. Investigate or figure out how to correct problems created by your own methods. We suggest Live Online Training and or an Accountant’s Review.
Remote into your software using GoToAssist (or similar) to show you where to find something, verify settings, clarify points, or gather information. Walk you through any basic bookkeeping procedure or process. Investigate and analyze your information and or explain where it may have originated from. Consider our Fee Based Live Online Training service or guaranteed Accountant’s Review.
Reports, Exporting, and Custom Data Views Show you where to find reports. Answer general questions about that report’s purpose, options, and limitations. Explain the meaning or origin of individual numbers. Creating or designing reports for you. Our Live Online Training service was designed for this purpose.
Provide limited guidance and documentation to help you interpret the output of reports. Troubleshoot problems encountered with customized reports. We offer a fee based service to construct custom reports.
Provide you with a list of possible add-ons and third party software programs that were designed to work with, or might work with, our data. Help with use of third party products including assistance with connecting to your database or data file for use with third party reporting tools or software. Please contact that company’s technical support.