Flat Rate Plus® Support Plan

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All plans last one year and require full payment unless otherwise stated. New and upgrading users are strongly encouraged to be continuously involved in a support plan. Support plans may not be fully refundable. Please see terms and conditions for details.


  • All major upgrades, enhancements, new versions, etc.
  • Minor product updates, service packs and bug fixes are included.
  • Electronic (PDF) documentation, books, guides, etc. will be updated along with the software.
  • Unlimited technical support incidents via telephone, fax, or email. We provide you with TOLL-FREE telephone numbers.
  • You are allowed to assign up to four people from your company to contact technical support.
  • Our experts will provide support for installation; upgrade assistance, basic functionality, capability, and general how-to. User training is NOT covered, unless otherwise noted. Please see terms and conditions for plan details.
  • 24/7 access to the Aptora Knowledge Base, Users Discussion Forum, Tech Tips, and FAQ.
  • Free online training videos. These may also be downloaded directly to your computer.


Aptora Corporation will provide software support and installation support. Support is defined as “services provided in an attempt to help a user solve a specific problem with our software. Training is not included in any of our support plans.

Aptora Corporation may limit support to one incident per day or one hour per day, per company. Callers will generally be asked to leave a message. Call back times are typically less than one hour but may take up to four business hours. Support is available Monday through Friday except federal holidays. Support hours are 8am to noon and 1pm to 5pm central time. Aptora Corporation will not address networking issues or answer questions that would be better addressed by an accountant or IT (information technology) company.

You generally do not need to own a support plan to use Flat Rate Plus. The software will not prevent you from logging in or using the software if you do not have a support plan in affect.

Support may not be refundable. Please be aware that software updates may not be available until the order is fully processed; this could take up to one (1) business day.

Do you have any questions or would you like additional information? Please call toll free at 913-322-4666 or emails us at helpdesk@aptora.com.