Management Kits

The following tools are a wide array of different assets that are perfect Management Kits for your business including word docs, DVDs, and more.

  • fair labor standards act

    Understanding The Fair Labor Standards Act

    Are you in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act? Basically every business is subject to these laws and they are perhaps the most far reaching of any labor laws. Did you know you must pay your coworkers for all work – even if you did not authorize or approve it? Learn how you can […]

  • client satisfaction survey system

    Client Satisfaction Survey System

    Gauging client satisfaction is a critical part of retaining customers, yet many companies fail to do it. This survey kit from Aptora includes an instructional booklet, satisfaction survey, cover letter, follow up letter and much more. Price: $199.99

  • client proposal request kit

    Client Proposal Request Kit

    The best way to generate sales is to effectively respond to client requests. Why spend money on advertising and referrals if your sales department can’t convert a call into a quote and a quote into a contract? This proposal kit is a streamlined system for tracking leads and rewarding employees for converting them into sales. […]

  • coworker performance review system

    Coworker Performance Review System

    Whether the result is a pat on the back or advice on how to meet your company’s standards, performance reviews show your employees that you care about their progress. This coworker performance review system is designed to objectively evaluate the performance of office and technical personnel. Price: $199.99

  • employment policy manual

    Employment Policy Manual

    A definitive set of company rules and policies is a requirement for any successful company to prevent conflict, misunderstands and potential legal issues. This employment policy manual covers safety policies, sexual harassment, dress code, vacation, sick leave, vehicle car, and much more. Price: $199.99

  • technical skills assessment

    Technical Skills Assessment & Placement

    Determine overall ability and pay scale of perspective technicians in a few simple steps. Our Technical Skills Assessment & Placement manual includes complete documents: Pre-employment technical 20-question skills, comprehensive 100-question exam, and a basic accounting exam. $99.99

  • comprehensive job descriptions

    Comprehensive Job Descriptions

    Avoid confusion and unnecessary conflict by outlining the responsibilities of your technicians and support staff with our comprehensive job description guide. Let your employees know exactly what you expect of them. Price: $199.99

  • performance based compensation kit

    Performance Based Compensation Kit

    Motivating employees can be a challenge, but with the right system in place, it can be rewarding for everyone. Aptora’s Performance Based Compensation Kit includes a printed booklet with templates for creating your own compensation policies. Price: $249.99

  • technician compensation chart

    Technician Compensation Chart

    Reward your technicians for selling accessories, equipment, maintenance agreements and other value-added services. This technician commission system has become an industry standard. Price: $27.99

  • tool requirement guide

    Tool Requirement List

    Ever forget a tool and had to double back? It wastes time and money and above all, sends the wrong message to your customers. Ensure that your HVAC, electrical and plumbing technicians arrive at every job site with the proper tools and equipment. Price: $27.99

  • simple accounting principles

    Simple Accounting Principles for Small Contractors

    These simple accounting principles for contractors provide detailed explanations of many of the accounting tasks that a small business performs and provides an explanation that is easy to understand, balance sheets, credit and debits, T-accounts, cash versus accrual, adjusting entries, cost allocation and tax reporting, depreciation and income statements. Price: $39.99

  • advanced collection letters

    Advanced Collection Letters

    One of the most difficult things about running a business is dealing with slow-pays and no-pays. Take a professional approach using Aptora’s Advanced Collection Letters. Price: $49.99

  • professional sales proposal template

    Professional Sales Proposal Kit

    Make a good first impression with your customers by using this proven template for creating quality sales proposals. Increase closure rates by presenting a concise, professionally-written estimate to your clients. Price: $199.99

  • maintenance agreement kit

    Maintenance Agreement Kit

    Selling maintenance agreements is the lifeblood of most service businesses. It provides a steady revenue stream and helps you retain the clients you’ve invested so much in getting in the first place. Price: $199.99

  • professional service invoice kit

    Professional Service Invoice Kit

    This invoice was designed to give your company the most professional image possible. It is detailed and easy to fill out. Reduce call-backs, ease customer price concerns and much more. Price: $199.99

  • hiring and firing kit

    Hiring and Firing Kit

    The hardest thing about running a successful business is finding and keeping good employees. Ask the right questions and avoid the ones that could offend potential employees. Aptora’s Hiring and Firing Kit includes a tested formula for selecting, screening, interviewing and assessing potential technicians and support staff. Kit includes Microsoft Word formatted templates for: employment […]