Caller ID Software System

Our Caller ID software system will save you time, reduce clerical errors, and help you look more professional.

The Caller ID software system works with Total Office Manager, our award winning service management software.

When the telephone rings Total Office Manager users are notified of the incoming call. If the caller is on file, a click of a button will take you to their record. A complete log is kept of each call including time and date, telephone line number, phone number, duration of call, inbound DTMF (the numbers the caller entered), and caller name (if available). The system also tracks outbound calls.

  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • Instant Account Status
  • Pop-up Client Records
  • Personalized Phone Calls
  • Detailed Call Log with Marketing Info
  • Supports VOIP or Ethernet Connections
  • Future Expandability

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